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Nashville, Tennessee
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Call (615) 219-5126 | 325 Plus Park Blvd #210, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 Coronavirus update
325 Plus Park Blvd #210, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 Coronavirus update

Unique Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Unique Services from Our Home Care Specialists in Nashville

Home care specialists who work with your individual needs for customized care in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area

At Comfort Keepers Nashville, every client we work with helps us build a customized care plan that’s based around individual schedules, care needs, and budgets. We know that no two clients are alike, so we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to our services, either. Our home care specialists will work with your aging loved one, you, your family, and your loved one’s medical providers to be sure that we’re providing top-quality care that truly meets your needs.

Some of the unique care services we offer include:

Quick Visits

For those who want to be sure that someone checks in on their loved one every day, but know that their loved one prefers independence, quick visits can be a great solution. Choose one, two, or three hour visits from our home care specialists that incorporate any quick services needed for a healthy day. Quick visits can help make sure your loved one has eaten, bathed, and is safe from any medical emergencies.

Overnight care

Our home care specialists know that some clients need monitoring or a quick response to any overnight needs. Overnight care is different from full-service, around-the-clock care in that caregivers are allowed to rest in close proximity to your loved one. These services are less intensive than around-the-clock care and can be more cost-effective for families who want reassurance that their loved one is safe from overnight emergencies. This type of overnight care can be of use to those who regularly sleep through the night but may experience a health problem or mobility problem on occasion.

We’re dedicated to providing a wide range of services, schedules, and care plans that meet the unique needs you and your family face. Typical home care agencies might dictate the number of hours per day or week your family is obligated to pay for to receive services, or that the only overnight care available is a multi-shift arrangement. At Comfort Keepers, we know that some families need shorter visits or low-intensity overnight care, so we’re proud to offer solutions for that.

If you’re concerned about the health and safety of an aging loved one, Comfort Keepers Nashville is ready to help you and your family. Contact our agency serving Nashville and the surrounding area today at (615) 219-5126 to learn more about how our home care specialists can improve your loved one’s quality of life every day.