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Senior Safety

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville's At Home Healthcare Providers Ensure Senior Safety

How to keep a loved one safe in and around Nashville, TN, with at home healthcare

Every household's primary concern is safety, but if an elderly family member lives alone, you may have additional concerns. In the home, seniors may have a harder time spotting, responding to, or resolving dangerous situations. As a result, having an emergency plan is essential. Comfort Keepers of Nashville has home health aides who assist you with all aspects of preparing for the long-term security of a loved one. Our at home healthcare providers in Nashville can help. Contact our team at (615) 219-5126.

Help with safety in many forms

There are many resources available to help families of all shapes and sizes develop an emergency plan that works for them. If you're putting together an emergency plan for an elderly person, keep these things in mind:

  • Is my loved one mobile? What can I do to ensure that if they ever require a mobility aid, I'll have one on hand?
  • In what ways does my loved one's daily routine include medication, inhalers, or medical equipment? What essentials do they need to stay healthy on a daily basis?
  • Who else should I call in case of an emergency for my loved one besides the police or fire departments? Who is nearby and able to help in an emergency situation?
  • At home healthcare providers can assist you in brainstorming these answers and solutions for your loved one's particular needs, home, and abilities.

Identifying problems

There are many places in your Nashville house where an emergency can occur. Identifying potential danger zones in your loved one's home is an important part of preparing for their safety. Accidents in the bathroom are common because slippery surfaces and wet tile make coordination more difficult. There should be grab bars installed near the bathtub, toilet, and any other area where a slip and fall could occur. Additional hazards may be lurking in the home's hallways, stairwells, kitchen, and anywhere else the flooring changes.

The old adage "prevention is better than cure" is especially true when it comes to the health of a loved one. An in-home healthcare provider can assist your family in identifying areas of your loved one's home that may be difficult for them to manage on their own, as well as assist in developing a plan for any in-home emergencies. The best possible quality of life for all seniors is our ultimate goal.

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In case you're worried about the safety of a loved one who lives alone, Nashville, TN's Comfort Keepers can help. To learn more about our at home healthcare caregiving services, call us today.