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Avoiding Senior Scams

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Avoiding Senior Scams with Help from a Personal Care Assistant in Nashville

How a personal care assistant can help your loved one steer clear of scams in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas

Seniors are particularly vulnerable to scams. Scammers often target seniors through the use of schemes that mention health insurance, retirement funds, medications, pension payments, or other financial and health-related issues. These fraudsters will use phishing and other online scams, as well as impersonating phone calls, to try to convince seniors to give out personal information.

A personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers of Nashville is another line of defense for your aging loved one against scammers. An in-home caregiver can be on hand for seniors to ask questions to as they open their mail, review their voicemails, or check their emails. Caregivers can help spot warning signs, like bad links in suspicious emails, or aggressive callers who don’t identify themselves but request personal information.

Our caregivers are trained to spot these warning signs, and to encourage each of our clients to maintain personal, financial, and online habits that are safe and secure. A personal care assistant can also help check whenever your aging loved one is providing medical, financial, or personal information to be sure that the recipient is supposed to have that kind of information. Credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account and routing numbers, and more all need to be carefully monitored whenever they are entered online or over the phone.

Navigating the internet can be especially hazardous for the unfamiliar. Seniors who are less familiar with medical or financial websites may be more likely to be duped by phishing or look-alike dupe websites. A trained personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers can be another set of eyes on how your aging loved one is using the internet and where they enter their personal data.

It’s also important to keep organized records, and document all financial transactions, insurance interactions, medications, and more. Keeping these records secure gives your aging loved one and their caregiver a better sense of what services, medications, or claims are under review or being renewed. Calls, emails, and other notifications that are unexpected about other financial or medical services are therefore more easily identified as fraudulent.

To learn more about how a personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers can help keep your loved one safe, contact our office serving Nashville, TN and the surrounding area today at (615) 219-5126.