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325 Plus Park Blvd #210, Nashville, Tennessee 37217 Coronavirus update

Aging in Place

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee.

Home Health Care in Nashville: How You Can Help Your Loved One Age in Place

How does home health care ensure your loved one’s safety and comfort at home in Nashville, TN or the surrounding area?

Over the past several years, home health care has surged in popularity because of the many benefits it offers to seniors and their families. Home health care means that seniors can remain in their own homes, while maintaining a high quality of life, for longer.

If you’ve noticed a senior loved one struggling with daily tasks, in home health care can help them remain independent while also ensuring their good health. An in home caregiver can help with:

  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments, social visits, and errands
  • Personal hygiene, including bathing and toileting
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Light housekeeping and maintaining a safe home

In home health care has gotten more popular because most seniors have a strong desire to age in place, meaning they can stay in their homes, maintain their habits, meet their own needs, and establish their preferences in their own lives. It’s important to make sure that your senior loved one stays safe in their home, and can adequately care for themselves.

Making home a safer place

There are many steps that you and your family can take to make sure that your senior loved one remains safe at home. Grab bars in the bathroom, bedroom, and other high-traffic areas can make moving around the home safer. Removing area rugs, carpets that slip, and other insecure flooring is also important. And consider the arrangement of furniture in your loved one’s home: is there enough space for them to move freely, or do they need items to hold onto as they move through the home?

Housekeeping is also important. Family members may decide to assist with this, and an in home health care provider can also assist or make recommendations on what is needed. Dust, allergens, bacteria, and other risks can build up in homes that are not well-maintained. Completing a daily housekeeping routine will help keep your loved one healthier and happier.

Keeping community close

One risk that seniors face is isolation and loneliness. Aging in place may feel most comfortable for your loved one when thinking about their daily routines and preferences, but it can also mean fewer social interactions.

Having a caregiver in the home daily means that your loved one is ensured daily conversations and friendly interactions. It also means that someone will have a face-to-face conversation with your loved one every day and can check on their physical and cognitive health. It’s important for you and your family to be connected to your aging loved one, and a home health care provider can give you assurance that your loved one is remaining happy and healthy.

To learn more or inquire about the services we provide, contact our office serving Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas or call (615) 219-5126 to speak with a care coordinator today.