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Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

Does My Loved One Need Private Duty Nursing?

Find out why private duty nursing in Marietta may be a good option for your family. Private duty nursing makes it possible for seniors with medical conditions to continue living at home where they are most comfortable. 

If you have an elderly family member who does not wish to transfer to a nursing home but who has advanced medical needs, then this is definitely an option to consider. Comfort Keepers of Marietta can provide your loved one with a private duty nurse who will ensure that they are well looked after, putting your mind at ease and helping them maintain their independence.

The Role of a Private Duty Nurse

private duty nurse is a fully trained and accredited health care professional with either a Licensed Practical /Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) designation. They have passed all state licensing requirements but, rather than working for a hospital, a private duty nurse works for an organization such as Comfort Keepers to provide high-quality in-home health care. A private duty nurse has all of the necessary education and skills to administer effective one-on-one care to your loved one. Private duty nursing is often used to complement the services of traditional caregivers.

What Services Does a Private Duty Nurse Provide? 

A private duty nurse can carry out all of the same medical services that a senior might receive in an assisted living facility, except they do so in the comfort of home. Some of the typical services offered by a private duty nurse include:

• Preparing medications and organizing a medication schedule

• Administering medications in various forms, including oral medications, eye drops, injections, inhalants, and topical medications

• Transfering, positioning, and mobility assistance

• Monitoring of vitals through the use of medical equipment like heart monitors

• Oxygen level tracking and assessment

• Personal hygiene and grooming tasks like bathing and oral cavity cleaning

• Ostomy care and management

• Urinary catheter care and site assessment

• Ventilator care and maintenance

• Advanced training for family members to provide better care for their loved one

• Diabetes management, including insulin review and administration 

• Wound care, including dressing changes

• Post-operative care and support around the house

• Alzheimer's disease and dementia care

Our expertly trained private duty nurses take a holistic approach to senior care and can tailor their services to a senior's individual needs and preferences. They will consult with you and your family to decide on how best to administer care and treatment for your loved one.

Who Can Benefit from Private Duty Nursing?

Private duty nursing is an excellent choice for seniors who wish to age in place but whose medical needs exceed the capacity of traditional caregivers. While in-home caregivers can provide services like personal care, mobility assistance, and medication reminders, they cannot dispense medications or carry out other specialized medical tasks. Complex medical needs can also contribute to fatigue for family caregivers. 

A private duty nurse will provide respite for the family and proper medical care for your loved one without the need to transfer to a nursing facility.

Seniors who can remain at home as they age often enjoy a higher quality of life. Familiar surroundings and proximity to friends and family members can help them feel more independent and contribute to lower levels of stress and anxiety. Your loved one will be able to enjoy their daily routine in the comfort of home.

Comfort Keepers offer professional private duty nursing services in Marietta and the surrounding area.

If private duty nursing sounds like a good option for you and your loved one, then Comfort Keepers of Marietta will be happy to provide you with the services you need. Our fully qualified nurses receive extensive training in quality in-home care and are experienced in carrying out advanced medical tasks that seniors living at home may require. We can work with you to create a schedule that works best for your family.

Call the Comfort Keepers of Marietta at (740) 373-7125 to learn more about how private duty nursing can help your loved one live comfortably at home.