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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Volunteering and Senior Health

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Can volunteering help support your loved one’s social health? Experts in care for the aging in Charlotte, NC say yes

When providing care for the aging, getting involved with the community is just as important as one-on-one assistance

As seniors age, they may find that their priorities in life begin to change. When reaching the golden years, it’s important for your loved one to find the right ways to support all parts of their health, and for many seniors, volunteering provides renewed purpose, connection, and community engagement.

If you’ve volunteered, you might have noticed feeling a little bit better generally after you spent time helping others. Volunteering can provide a gateway to a new sense of purpose, new challenges and new things to learn. Caring for the aging population has shown our caregivers the importance of having new goals to set, and new people to meet. Seniors can benefit from the relationship building aspect of volunteering, while offering their experience and wisdom to community organizations.

Many of us spend decades defining our motivation and our purpose by the growth of our careers, our families, or our connections to community. In our elder years, it might feel more challenging to create that same sense of having and achieving goals. That can result in a void for seniors’ emotional, social, and mental health. Part of good care for the aging is recognizing these gaps in holistic health and working to address them.

Your loved one’s caregiver might work with them to identify particular organizations or causes that can help your loved one reignite their passions in the world. Contributing to a community organization or a cause they believe in can help your loved one start getting re-involved in the community, reflect on where their passions lie, or identify a new passion they want to pursue.

Some seniors pursue volunteering opportunities in fields where they have professional expertise. For example, seniors who worked as teachers in earlier years might be attracted to volunteering as a literacy coach or a math tutor. Seniors who worked with their hands might enjoy the opportunity to teach a kids’ club or after school session on how to build a craft.

Caring for the aging loved one in your life can bring you and your loved one new opportunities to learn and grow. At Comfort Keepers, we’re here to help your loved one and your whole family pursue your best possible quality of life.