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Planning and Funding Homecare

How To Fund Elderly Home Care In Toms River, NJ

The cost of home care assistance can vary in accordance with the type and amount of services needed.

In Home Care comes with many benefits for older adults. In addition to helping increase mental and physical activity, assisted living allows seniors to continue living independently at home. Unfortunately, many seniors are worried whether they will be able to pay for these services. You or your loved one will be asking questions like: Does assisted living take medicare?  How expensive is a live-in caregiver? What kind of insurance covers senior care at home?

To help you and your senior loved one reach the best possible decision regarding the financial aspect of in home care, Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ, offers assistance with financial planning for care.

Depending on your loved one’s medical status and care needs, it might be a good idea to look into several funding options, including Medicare and Medicaid, state programs, veteran benefits, and care insurance. These solutions can cover some of the costs associated with elderly home care. On the other hand, if your senior loved one is not eligible for financial aid under these programs, they will have to turn to out-of-pocket assets. While using savings to pay for senior care may discourage some older adults to seek the professional assistance they need to maintain a high quality of life, it is important to note that other common care options can cost several times more than expert in home care provided by Comfort Keepers.

For instance assisted living facilities such as Nursing homes usually charge around $6,000 per month, which can put an enormous strain on any home budget. For millions of seniors and their families, this is simply not an option. Additionally, deciding to take care of a senior loved one alone can also come with bad financial implications. For example, full-time family caregivers often have to choose between their career and caregiving, which can lead to missed career opportunities as a result, not to mention reduced hours at work. This can take its toll on your retirement savings, leaving you with little options when the time comes for you to stop working.

To learn more about elderly home care, call Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ. We are happy to answer all your questions and offer expert guidance.

Using Long-Term Care Insurance To Finance Eldercare Services In Toms River, NJ

Comfort Keepers discusses long-term care insurance as one of the options to pay for eldercare.

Comfort Keepers proudly serves the senior citizens of Toms River, NJ offering them not just top-quality home care services but also a myriad of advice on various in home care related topics such as paying for care. As the cost of senior at home care is one of the main concerns of seniors and their loved ones alike, Comfort Keepers can propose several payment options, including long-term care insurance.

For many older adults, long-term care insurance is a far better option than paying out of pocket for care services or asking family and friends for help. Even though this type of insurance, which was developed to support seniors in their golden years, can be costly, it can be significantly cheaper than alternatives.

Like other financing options, long-term care insurance has its advantages and disadvantages. One of its downsides is the fact that premiums can increase over time, making it difficult for the seniors to manage their home budget as they grow older. To prevent this from happening, your loved one might want to consider choosing a policy that includes protection against inflation, which, as the name suggest, protects the care benefit amount from inflation.

It is also worth mentioning that premiums can increase with the age of the purchaser, growing higher and higher the older the person gets. This is why it is a smart idea for older adults to purchase long-term care insurance while they are completely healthy. Finally, keep in mind that some policies have an elimination period, a set period of time during which the seniors pays for care, not the insurance company. After this period, the benefit becomes available.

When the time comes to pay for eldercare, having long-term care insurance can make things easier, lessening the impact unexpected care needs can have on your family’s finances. For more information on long-term care insurance for financing in home care, please contact our Comfort Keepers office in Toms River, NJ.

Home Healthcare & Paying Out Of Pocket in Toms River, NJ

Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ, discusses the cost of senior home healthcare

Home healthcare can be quite costly, especially if your senior loved one may need to tap into their savings to pay for it. However, for seniors who want to increase independence at home, this is often the best solution. It is also the most affordable senior care option.

The cost of in home care cannot be predicted without a detailed assessment of your loved one’s needs. Some seniors need part-time in home care, others full-time Alzheimer’s care. Obviously, the cost of these services differs.

You might want to schedule a free consultation with at home healthcare experts to get an idea of what type of care is best for your loved one. During this consultation, you can also receive a cost estimate for care. Then, you can also inquire about the cost of a stay at a nursing home to compare the numbers.

In the majority of cases, at home care is cheaper. If your senior loved one opts for a nursing home, they will have to relocate to the facility and make significant changes to their routine. With at home care, they can enjoy their post-retirement years at home, supported by a skilled caregiver. They can choose the services they need to increase independence and remain physically, mentally, and socially active.

Given the benefits of senior care, it is not surprising that most seniors find this option the most desirable. If your senior loved one decides to work with Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ, we can offer assistance with activities of daily living such as personal care, house maintenance, meal preparation, and many others. Our caregivers can provide services that are not considered typical in this line of business, including transportation and pet care.

This personal approach to caregiving is what makes at home care superior compared to nursing homes. What’s more, in home care is less expensive than a nursing home, even when paid out of pocket. Please contact Comfort Keepers of Toms River, NJ, for more information. We are happy to help you in any way we can.