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Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active This Winter

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Physical activity is beneficial to people of all ages, especially seniors. It can lower their risk of developing chronic illnesses, enhance their mood, and improve their strength and balance. While seniors should aim for at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise per week, achieving this can be difficult during the winter's cold, dark days. However, despite these challenges, seniors can engage in various activities to remain active this winter.

Home Workouts

When it’s cold outside, consider an at-home workout that matches your senior’s current fitness level. A few beneficial indoor workout routines include:

● Indoor walks

● Stair climbing workouts

● Signing up for online fitness classes

● Watching and following senior exercise routines on Youtube

● Light stretching and yoga

Just Move

Engaging in simple household chores, like cleaning out the fridge or rearranging a closet, can help seniors maintain small, regular movements throughout the week. These activities are an effective way for seniors to get some blood flow in the winter and boost their mental and physical health. It’s also important to keep in mind that some movement is always better than none.

Incorporate Variety

People frequently concentrate on a single type of exercise, such as walking. However, introducing variety in seniors’ daily routine and incorporating these elements of fitness can significantly reduce boredom in the winter and lower the risk of injury.

●    Endurance. These activities work to increase your breathing and heart rate. Examples of endurance activities include dancing, climbing stairs, and brisk walking.

●    Strength. Increased strength helps seniors remain independent for longer and makes everyday activities easier. Examples of strength activities include lifting weights, wall push-ups, and using resistance bands.

●    Balance. These activities help to reduce the risk of falls. Examples of balance activities include standing on one foot and then the other, chair yoga, and tai chi.

●    Flexibility. Flexibility improves the range of motion in seniors’ joints and makes daily tasks easier. Swimming, pilates, and stretching are some activities seniors can do to improve flexibility.

If your loved one has heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic health conditions, talk with their health care provider about which types of physical activity are suitable for them.

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