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Three Reasons Why Seniors Need Quality Lighting

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Three Reasons Why Seniors Need Quality Lighting

Comfort Keepers Twin Cities helps seniors and other adults maintain independence in the comfort of their own home, safely. 

Aging causes a wide variety of changes, but accommodating those changes isn't always easy. Some changes require arduous, complicated, or expensive solutions, while others simply aren't intuitive. Quality lighting, surprisingly, is an easy and effective example of a solution to several different issues and concerns seniors may face. Here is an examination of how quality lighting helps seniors stay safe at home. 

Increased Visibility

Better lighting means better seeing. This is true for most everyone, but even more so for seniors, whose eyesight may be diminishing. In addition to natural deterioration due to age, it can be difficult for seniors to get their eyes checked regularly and any potential issues spotted and treated.

While the solution to this may seem to be a general increase in lighting, that isn't necessarily enough because the quality of the lighting can be just as important as the quantity. Harsh lights in less-than-optimal positions can be far less effective than gentler lights that illuminate more. In fact, lights that are too harsh may even be damaging, both because they create stark contrasts between light and dark areas and because they can cause further direct damage to the eyes.

Reduced Risk of Ailments

When quality lighting increases visibility for seniors, it can also reduce their risk of injury. The more they can see, the less likely they may be to fall, bump themselves, or get into an accident. This applies in the general sense of illuminating any potential dangers, but also in specific cases of harsh, uneven lighting forcing an acclimation period when moving between different areas. If a senior is struggling to readjust their eyes due to extremely unbalanced lighting, then their risk of injury dramatically increases.

In addition to physical ailments, good lighting can also ward off depression. In northern climates in particular, a lack of light has been shown to lead to certain forms of depression. The proper setup of indoor lighting can alleviate this and prevent a progression of poor mental health..

Minimal Disruption of Sleep Patterns

By providing the right amount of light at the right time of day, quality lighting can help keep circadian cycles from being thrown off balance. If too little light is provided in the day or too much is provided at night, then it can seriously disrupt the sleep cycles of the elderly. In turn, these disruptions can directly lead to physical health problems. In extreme cases, sleep disorders may even develop.

Furthermore, the right amount of light during the day and night can reduce certain problems that arise during the night, thereby increasing quality of sleep. A good night's rest can improve immune health, endocrine and cardiovascular functions, and mental acuity.

How to Improve Quality of Lighting

There are a number of different elements that go into the overall quality of lighting, ranging from the number of light sources to their location and their specific appearances.

The first two points go hand in hand, with better placement leading to fewer lights needed overall. The more lights you have in central locations with good coverage, the fewer lights you will need to cover up any dim spots. However, it's important to make sure to account for the taste of specific seniors as well, especially if they prefer to spend their time in specific chairs or positions that aren't normally lit all that well.

As far as specific appearances are concerned, you want to ensure that the lights are strong, but not blinding. Opaque bulbs can reduce the strain on eyes, as can effective use of lampshades. The use of efficient bulbs can be wise, especially if you're greatly increasing the number of total lights. Though it will be more expensive upfront, the cost of replacing an entire array of quality lighting can quickly add up.

Learn How Comfort Keepers Can Help

At Comfort Keepers Twin Cities, keeping seniors safe at home is a critical component of our in-home care philosophy. Our team works with each client to conduct a free home safety assessment and identify potential issues in the home that could be dangerous and prevent clients from living independently. Call our team to learn more; (651) 372-8736