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5 Fun Exercises to Help Family Caregivers Stay Healthy and Focused

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5 Fun Exercises to Help Family Caregivers Stay Healthy and Focused

When you are a Caregiver as part of your job, and especially as a family member, you may find that you have less time and energy to do things for yourself. Maintaining a healthy level of energy is important to consistently deliver the level of care that is needed but carving out time to participate in activities that promote good physical and emotional health is not easy.

One of the simpler ways to get moving is by walking. Here in Minnesota, the Metropolitan area offers many accessible walking paths, lake trails, state and regional parks, and large indoor malls to get your steps in. But if you are looking for a boost to your modest exercise regime, we have rounded up five ideas for you.

5 fun ways to exercise for caregivers

 Join a class

Enrolling in a group fitness class is an excellent way to meet other people interested in physical health, and having a regular schedule helps keep you accountable and organized.

In the Twin Cities, Community Education provides low cost and no cost classes, activities, and programs for adults and older adults. From yoga and Tai Chi to belly dancing and adult beginner ballet, there are many fitness, dance, and health and wellness programs to get you moving in a fun, supportive environment.


Dancing is a fun and impactful way to express yourself, get your heart pumping, and work up a sweat. This is something you can do in the privacy of your own home, or to try something new, sign up to learn a new dance style, like Samba, Zumba, Polka, Hip Hop and anything in between. Again, here in the Twin Cities, Community Education provides several accessible dance classes to consider.

 Try Inline Skates

In the Twin Cities there are more than 91 paved trails covering more than 835 miles safely spanning vibrant parks, rivers, lakes, and neighborhoods. Inline skating can get you outside, active, and energized, with a host of physical and mental health benefits. Used inline skates and appropriate safety pads are affordable and it’s an activity that is surprisingly easy to learn.

 Take a Hike

If you’d prefer to escape the beaten path there are numerous breathtaking hiking trails in and around the Twin Cities; there are 35 in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties alone. Most are surface trails for foot traffic only, and while just minutes from the heart of the Twin Cities, these regional parks and reserves feel very remote and rural for a relaxing and calming experience (you may not even realize you’re exercising!). Whether choosing a more rigorous hike or a relaxing stroll, breathing in the fresh air, working your muscles and elevating your heart rate will yield many health rewards. Hiking is also a fun group/social activity, and you can introduce friends to a new experience they are sure to appreciate, or challenge one another to take on a new trail each weekend.

 Go Swimming

There are nearly 50 public swimming beaches in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, so chances are you are minutes from a great water workout while helping beat the Minnesota summer heat. If open water swimming isn’t for you, there are nearly as many public swimming pools, as well as membership-based swimming pools such as the YMCA, to dive into and reap one of the better full-body resistance workouts. It’s also easy on the joints, which is one reason why water aerobics is so popular. Whether trying your hand at lap swimming in a pool or splashing through one of the beautiful Twin Cities lakes, swimming is a fun activity with health benefits that are tough to match.  

Benefits of exercise for caregivers

The well-being of your own self can have a significant impact on how you show up to care for others. If you are feeling lethargic and rundown, you can't perform as well as you could if you were feeling  alert and energized. That’s also more often when avoidable mistakes can be made. 

Exercise has so many benefits for caregivers, like better sleep, increased strength and stamina, better mood, boosted immune system, and more energy. The list is long when it comes to the benefits of exercise. 

Even if you are in less than desirable physical shape or health, or have never seriously or formally exercised before, there are so many low-stress, easy options to simply start. The key is to find something you like to do, and we’ve listed a few activities above that we think you’d enjoy. 


Being a caregiver is a rewarding but tough job, and caregiver burnout is a real concern that every person who provides care to another must actively prevent. 

Exercise is a great way to take care of yourself and help you to be the best version of yourself possible.

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