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Constant Companion

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Trenton, Michigan.

Virtual In Home Care Assistance for Seniors in Trenton, MI

Comfort Keepers has partnered with Constant Companion to provide virtual in home care assistance in Trenton, Woodhaven, Riverview, Wyandotte, Gross Ile, and the surrounding MI areas

It can be hard for seniors who live alone to main their independence and safety, especially for those who have restricted mobility, poor eyesight, or other disabilities or limitations. At Comfort Keepers, we believe every senior should be able to age in place, where they are comfortable, which is why we have partnered with Constant Companion. Constant Companion is provides virtual in home care assistance to keep your loved one as independent and safe as possible when home alone!

What Is Constant Companion?

Constant Companion is an Amazon device that provides virtual in home care assistance to help our clients stay safe in their own homes. If you're looking for sports, audiobooks, or other enrichment programs that seniors can enjoy while at home, look no further than Constant Companion! In addition to entertainment, Alexa can also allow seniors to send and receive calls from anywhere in their home. While this product cannot replace an in-person caregiver, it ensures that your loved one has care and monitoring 24/7.

Constant Companion Features

  • Call for Help
    • One of the main capabilities Constant Companion offers is its "Call for Help" feature, which gives families the security they are looking for because there is always a team member one call away in case of an emergency. When in home care services cannot be given, virtual care alternatives are beneficial. On average, the response time with Constant Companion is three times faster compared to other panic button choices. 
  • Telehealth Visits
    • Constant Companion makes it easy for seniors and disabled adults to schedule virtual appointments with their health care provider. This feature makes it simple and convenient for seniors to access a variety of medical services and hospitals. Telehealth visits are perfect for senior citizens who are vulnerable to sicknesses or have limited mobility.

The Benefits of Virtual In Home Care Assistance 

While in home care services are an amazing option for seniors who want to age in place, sometimes it's not possible for a caregiver to be there 24/7. Constant Companion is a great solution for seniors in Trenton, Woodhaven, Riverview, Wyandotte, Gross Ile, and the surrounding MI  areas to keep their independence without risking their safety when home alone. Some additional benefits include:

  • Constant Companion does not need to be worn - it is set up throughout the house using Amazon Alexa to be placed in any room your loved one frequents. 
  • It makes it easier for seniors to stay connected to friends and family; all they need to do is say, "Alexa, call my son," and the call will begin.
  • It provides additional safety and security - since Constant Companion is set up throughout the house, if your loved one falls or has an emergency, they can immediately be connected (hands-free) to our 24/7 urgent response center.
  • There are thousands upon thousands of entertainment options for your loved one to use with Constant Companion, and it's very easy to use! This can be especially helpful for seniors with dementia.
  • This service provides respite care and peace of mind to concerned family members.

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