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In Home Dementia Care Services Throughout Trenton, MI

Comfort Keepers Home Care employs expert caregivers to provide in home dementia care in Trenton, Woodhaven, Riverview, Wyandotte, Grosse Ile, and the surrounding area

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Regardless of your perspective, having a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia will have an impact on your entire family. The longer you care for your loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia, the more your job as a family caregiver will alter as their condition develops.

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Early Stage Dementia

The early stages of dementia are the optimal time to begin developing in-home dementia care strategies. It would be beneficial if you accomplished the following:

  • Putting legal documents in order.
  • Discuss with your loved one who will be their power of attorney.
  • Have the same person responsible for financial decisions.
  • Plan for the cost of providing the care your loved one needs.
  • Create an emergency contact list.
  • Create a schedule of who will be responsible for providing care.

Early Stage Tips: Good News - Life Can Still Be Fun!

While life will provide difficulties at times, this does not exclude you and your loved one from having fun with everyday activities. This is an ideal opportunity for family bonding activities such as playing board games together, cooking their favorite dishes together, or poring through family photo albums. This is an excellent method to keep their thoughts occupied, which will become increasingly important as their illness worsens.

Middle Stage Dementia

The intermediate stage of Alzheimer's disease is often the longest. At this point, in-home dementia care requires a great deal of time, patience, and experience on the caregiver's part. This is the period when your loved one will undergo the most significant changes in a variety of areas, including:

  • Extremes in emotions, including anger, depression, frustration, or paranoia.
  • Violent or dangerous behaviors, including shouting, hitting, or wandering, and getting lost.
  • Difficulties expressing themselves verbally.
  • Problems in comprehension in several areas.
  • Challenges with coordination, spatial awareness, motor, bladder, and bowel control.

Moderate Stage Tips: Keep Their Doctor Up to Date!

Because their doctor is not around 24/7, they will miss changes in your loved one's behavior. It is your responsibility to keep track of the changes you see and their dates of occurrence. This will assist their doctor in determining the progression of the condition and making any required adjustments to their therapy.

Late Stage Dementia

When your loved one reaches late-stage Alzheimer's disease, they will most likely require 24-hour in home care. These included safeguarding the comfort and safety of your loved one. They are likely to lose the capacity to do simple tasks such as swallowing or walking during this period and may experience a variety of medical complications, including considerable weight loss or seizures.

Late Stage Tips: Look for Support!

While it may be your responsibility to offer in home dementia care for a loved one, you must also practice self-care. Given the emotional toll that caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease may take, consider obtaining expert assistance to help you stay on track. Look for support groups where you may meet people who are in a similar situation. Comfort Keepers is another excellent alternative for help and can provide a variety of memory and senior home care services for your loved one.

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At Comfort Keepers, we are here to assist you in providing in home dementia care for your loved one every step of the way. Remember that you are doing the best you can for them and yourself. Never attempt a task alone; get assistance when necessary. To learn more, call Comfort Keepers and arrange for a complimentary care consultation to explore our in home dementia care services and how our custom in-home care plans work. To begin, click one of the options below.

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