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42621 Garfield Rd #101b, Charter Twp of Clinton, MI, 48038
(586) 200-6712
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Call (586) 200-6712 | 42621 Garfield Rd #101b, Charter Twp of Clinton, Michigan 48038 Coronavirus update
42621 Garfield Rd #101b, Charter Twp of Clinton, Michigan 48038 Coronavirus update

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Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Clinton Township.

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Hundreds of people every day discover our exceptional brand of elder care—from seniors and their families to the exceptionally caring people who discover our senior care and choose to become a care provider themselves. We pride ourselves on providing expert care and work with our clients directly and on an ongoing basis to make sure they are satisfied with the services we provide. This dedication to exceeding expectation and client satisfaction are what keep our care at the top of industry standards, locally, nationally and around the globe. Discover more about our agency by reviewing our client testimonials.

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At Comfort Keepers, we’ve made it our mission to help local residents through a custom in-home elder care plan in order to keep them in the place they love the most. Paying attention to the needs of seniors throughout Macomb County is our specialty. We do this through the watchful eye of our caregivers, our safety products, and through meaningful conversations with your loved one. Our agency would be nowhere if it were not for our hardworking staff and the feedback we receive from the families we’ve helped. We encourage you to leave a review for our location describing your overall experience. Whether the words warm the heart or cut through it, they will be highly valued and help other families in the future.

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Chlon is a wonderful caregiver. We feel we hit the jackpot with her.


Nargis is doing a wonderful job as my wife’s caregiver and I have already referred friends to Comfort Keepers.


We feel Susan is a wonderful caregiver and she exceeds expectations.


I feel the quality of care Donald receives is excellent. I would recommend Comfort Keepers to my family and friends.


Awesome customer service. Everyone is always friendly.


I appreciate that the company goes above and beyond to make sure that we are doing well with our clients and that our clients are happy as well.

Brianna M., Care Provider

I would recommend this agency because I like the staff and the owner of the agency. They treat the employees very well.

Agnes A., Care Provider

I like when one of the family members of my client called in the office to let them know what a great job I am doing.

Silvia R., Care Provider

I think the agency does a great job making sure their employees are recognized.

Tanya S., Care Provider

I can talk to my supervisor about anything. If there is something I need, they are very friendly. This is true with all the staff at our office. They are all open, and they are all easy to talk to. They are understanding.

Karen L., Care Provider

I like that my employers are always there for me if I have a question or concern.

Tia S., Care Provider

I've recommended this agency for employment before. It is a good place to work for and the people are good.

Sally Z., Care Provider

If I ever need anything the agency is always able to answer any of my questions and make sure to compliment my work frequently.

Kimberly D., Care Provider

They do little things all the time to show us that they respect and value us. They're very family-oriented.

Joan P., Care Provider

I would highly recommend employment to my friends, and I have before.

Mary K, Care Provider

I think this is a wonderful company to work for, I love the people that I work with and I love my clients!

Sally Z., Care Provider

I already have recommended them. The administrative staff is beyond awesome. They bend over backwards. The communication is good. Most of the caregivers are genuinely in a job that they enjoy.

Linda P.

Comfort keepers is very reliable, trustworthy, caring, and dependable.

Dolores S.

The agency has followed through with everything that they have promised us. I would really promote the caregivers. I think that they are qualified, caring, and it's not just a paycheck for a lot of them, it is a heartfelt service they are providing.

Kathy C

Our care provider goes above and beyond, and if she knows that my aunt really likes something then she will bring it for her. For example, my aunt really likes puzzles, so she brought her a puzzle that they could do together.

Kim E.

I like their comprehensiveness. The care provider not only takes care of the looking after the general health of Irene, but also takes care of helping with her laundry and housekeeping and shopping. That's a big help to her. I would recommend them! I would tell people that they're very compassionate (at least the care providers we've had experience with), very timely, extremely tactful, very thorough, and very reliable.

Charles P.

The care providers are extremely compassionate. My sister has some special needs and the care aides interact with her every day they are here and it makes me feel good to know that they treat her with respect.

Sue T.

The care assistants are willing to go the extra mile for the client in helping them with anything they need. You are a great agency that has given us great caregivers. They truly care for the client and want to help them with their needs. They do not just do it for the money.

Walter S.

I just lost my wife and they were extremely good through that. They went to see her while at the hospital and came to the memorial service. They were very caring and tried to take good care of her. They were very understanding and compassionate with me knowing that I am going through turmoil. I praised their reliability and their accommodations and how nice the girls were when I recommended this company to others.

Bill B.

The care aides are always on time. We have had some very bad weather recently and they are still always able to come to our home. I am very confident in the office staff and they are very responsive to our needs.

June L.

I appreciate that they (care providers) were really relationship-oriented. My mom developed a relationship with them and felt very comfortable with them. The office is thorough in their screening process, and they follow up with the work that is being completed.

Donna D.

If anyone asks us I would automatically recommend your agency. When you have a winner you stay with a winner.

Jay B.

My daughter selected the agency and they came and we interviewed with them. It was an instant sell after we met the person that came to visit us. They have done beyond what they promised to do. I didn't expect all the things that they have done for me.

Marie W.

It was a blessing from God when Amy recommended your company. I could not have asked for better care for my parents. You and your husband have built a reputable company. Thank you for always providing recommendations to help with our needs and also lending a listening ear when I needed it.

Linda P.