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Trusted In-Home Senior Care Serving Damariscotta

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Damariscotta.

Meet The Comfort Keepers® Who Make Up Our Home Care Agency in Damariscotta, Rockland, and Topsham, ME

Our home care agency's team is uniquely qualified and ready to help 

Every member of our team is professional and well trained. Our home care agency conducts a thorough screening and interviewing process to identify the best senior care providers, and only those who pass this process go on to complete training to deliver our special brand of home care and become Comfort Keepers®. What truly sets our people apart, though, is their natural gift for caring for others. 

All Comfort Keepers pass extensive background checks and complete continuing education. They are bonded, insured and covered by workers' compensation insurance to protect our clients and their families.

Paula Goode, C.S.A.

General Manager & Client Care Specialist

Paula Goode is a Customer Care Manager for Comfort Keepers in Damariscotta, Rockport, and Topsham. A leader in the respite and long-term care fields, she sets priority on building a service that helps clients maintain their independence.

Excellence in customer service and leadership are at the root of Paula’s management style. She has been cultivating a team of dedicated Comfort Keepers since the business first opened in May 2012. As a Certified Senior Advisor, she understands what is important to seniors and keeps their interests first when developing tailored in-home care plans for each individual. Clients are empowered to maintain their quality of life and live it well.

Providing support that gives peace of mind to clients and their families is at the heart of what Comfort Keepers is all about. Paula refines this support by meeting with each client before providing services so she can learn about their needs, answer questions, and learn who they are so a good caregiver match can be made.

As community liaison, she shares the company's mission and values in the communities served by Comfort Keepers and is passionate about serving the seniors of the Midcoast region.

When she’s not busy working on personalized care for her clients, you can catch Paula spending time with her husband and two daughters, reading a good book, or scrapbooking at the kitchen table of their home in Damariscotta.

Call Paula today at (207) 563-2273 to request an assessment for Comfort Keepers' personalized care.


Stephanie Welton

Employee Relations and Recruitment

Stephanie has been with Comfort Keepers since June of 2016. Before working with Comfort Keepers, she worked for 10 years as a pharmacy technician in the local community.  Stephanie worked as the scheduler for Comfort Keepers for just over a year before she moved to the Human Resources department.  Currently, Stephanie has the privilege of meeting with applicants, training new hires and conducting continuing education for existing caregivers.

Stephanie was born in Damariscotta and has lived in Maine most of her life, with 3 years spent in Montana.   Stephanie currently lives in Nobleboro with her daughter Marina and 2 cats, Cinnamon and Bitsy.   In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys reading, gardening, baking and cooking.  

Amy Joy

Comfort Keeper of the Year 2023

Comfort Keeper of the Year 2023

I am Amy Joy. I grew up in Rockport, and now my husband and I live in Warren so yes, I am a true Mainah’! When I first joined Comfort Keepers over ten years ago, I worked briefly in the office, and it was just Paula and I! The company has grown exponentially in the last few years, as the Baby Boomer Generation is cresting in age. All the office staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to make this company work so smoothly. 

I think getting to know your clients is very important to them and to you. One aspect that I was not very aware of before I did elder care, is that every client is a person with a history. Each one has spent their life making a mark on the world whether as a homemaker or a nuclear scientist, a boat builder or a ballet dancer. I think it is important to them that you acknowledge who they are and what they have done.

Everyday holds a variety of activities and plans with my clients. From helping a client get dressed, cooking them a meal, to taking them grocery shopping, or even to the theater!

I have formed good friendships with my clients, and built a trust so they can feel comfortable with me. I think that is important because they are trusting you with their house, their possessions, they are trusting us even with their hearts.  Some of our clients don't have family that are close by, and we become their emotional sounding board. 

Another important contribution we make as Comfort Keepers, is giving our clients the ability to stay at home. This is so important to them, and gives them reassurance in remaining in their home with their familiar settings, possessions and their own schedules. It is also a huge emotional relief for them as well in their later years.

I am proud to work for an in-home personal care company that has such a good reputation and quality of care. 

Janice Somerville


Janice started with Comfort Keepers in October 2016 as the Human Resources manager and then took on the role of Scheduler in 2017.  Janice coordinates the daily scheduling for all clients and caregivers. From making the initial match to schedule changes to covering time off requests and client cancellations she is responsible for covering all of our scheduling needs.  She works with our client care coordinator, human resources and other office staff to assist in resolution in caregiver issues and practices and promotes overall great teamwork and excellent customer service.

Lynette Carver


I have been very happy working as a caregiver for Comfort Keepers since Nov. 2014. The desire to serve and care for others is something that comes fairly naturally to me so working for Comfort Keepers has been a great fit. I helped care for the needs of my mother, who was quite debilitated with Parkinsons. I try to keep in mind when working with my clients that they are someone's loved family member and it would be my desire to care for them the same way I cared for my own mother - with patience, love and compassion.

The pleasure and satisfaction of forming positive client relationships; preserving independence with dignity; creating laughter with joy; and the knowledge you've made a difference in someone else's life is its own reward. Life is all about relationships - the rest is just details.

I was born and raised in Hodgdon, ME up in "the County". After 40 years of life's ups and downs and raising a family of three fantastic children, I now reside in Lisbon Falls. I am the very proud "Yaya" of four beautiful grandchildren! I take great pleasure in gardening, reading and continually gathering new ideas from Pinterest!

Stacey Sinford

Client Care Manager

Stacey Sinford is our Client Care Manager of our Ellsworth Office which opened in Fall of 2022. She grew up and currently resides in Ellsworth.  She enjoys working with our clients, healthcare partners and our employees of Comfort Keeper’s on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in providing top quality in-home care services to clients within their homes and facilities in Hancock County.

Linda Drost


Several years ago I decided to retire, but in my spare time I wanted to work for Comfort Keepers. I had heard so much about them.  Comfort Keepers is an awesome agency to work for! The staff is so supportive and understanding. They schedule work assignments that are convenient for caregivers.

But the best part of working with Comfort Keepers is the privilege of being a caregiver.   Although there are sad times in our job, there are so many more rewarding moments. I am sure many of us think of our clients as an extension of our family.  I can’t think of anything else I would like to be doing. 

Carol Copan

Comfort Keeper of the Year 2023

Comfort Keeper of the Year 2023 

Carol has been a Comfort Keeper for over 6 years.  She helps clients to live comfortably in their homes with their families and friends close by. She loves getting to know their life stories and helping them with daily living while developing a caring environment where they are safe and healthy. 

She loves working for Comfort Keepers due to the high standards of care for the clients and the support the administration gives her whenever she calls. She loves working for an organization with such a great reputation. What she loves most about being a Comfort Keeper is helping clients live out their lives with care safety and respect in their own homes.

Carol says: “This is what I helped my family do for my parents and I'm honored to do this with Comfort Keepers.” 

#1 I help clients to I've comfortably in their homes with their families and friends close by. I love getting to know their life stories and helping them with daily living while developing a caring environment where they are safe and healthy. 

#2 I have been working for over 6 years and more while working another company for Comfort keepers. I love working with Comfort keepers due to the high standards of care for the clients the support the administration gives me when ever I call and the trust and admiration I have for my supervisors.

#3 Many people would think of the benefits pay and bonuses when asked thus question.  BUT for me it's a culture of respect and trust genuine caring and going above and beyond for employees like me. This kindness is noted in the interactions with the administration on a regular basis.

Steven Roberson


My name is Steven Roberson I live here locally in Hancock County. After retiring from the EMT field of 27 years, I found that I needed something to do that would bring me joy and give me a feeling of being helpful and giving back to others in the community.  I found what I was looking for here at Comfort Keepers. I work with many wonderful clients throughout our organization.  My work consists of many aspects from companionship, errands, meal prep, light housekeeping, med reminders to name just a few. The scheduling team is very accommodating and considerate of my schedule.  The management team here at CK is always available to help us caregivers and assist us with answers to any questions we might have. I plan on being part of the Comfort Keepers team for many years to come.

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