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Getting the 24 Hour Care Your Loved One Needs

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Somerset, Kentucky.

Many men and women in the Somerset region are caring for older relatives, ailing loved ones, and other important people in their lives. Some are members of the sandwich generation, trying to fit 24-hour care or in-home care into their daily routines, and others are a surviving spouse trying to provide quality care for their husbands and wives. Some are parents dealing with the specific care requirements of a special needs child.

No matter what the situation, the right nursing care can make a world of difference. Engaging the services of a private duty nurse can keep your child, parent, or other loved one safe at home so that you can take care of your spouse and children. But before you choose the type of care for your loved one, you need to know the difference between in-home care and 24-hour care.

In-Home Care and 24-Hour Care Are Not the Same

It is easy to think that in-home care and 24-hour care are the same things; after all, they both provide ongoing care for an elderly loved one, an ailing parent, or special needs child. But, there are some key similarities between in-home care and 24-hour care; the two are actually not the same.

Perhaps the most significant difference between in-home care and 24-hour care is the nature of the living situation for the caregiver. In an in-home care situation, the caregiver you hire becomes part of your loved one's household, living in the home with them while providing the ongoing care they need.

When you choose 24-hour care for your loved one, you get the same level of ongoing care, but without the live-in houseguest. If you opt for 24-hour care instead of traditional live-in care, you will not need a guest room, and you will not need to worry about your loved one hosting a stranger in their home.

24 Hour Support in Your Own Home

With 24 hour care, your loved one gets the continuous care he or she needs, all without the live-in situation. Instead of living in your loved one's home and providing ongoing care, the caregiver team comes and goes in 12-hour shifts.

When you choose 24-hour care for your loved one, you actually get two qualified and compassionate caregivers. Each one of these caregivers works a full 12-hour shift, and when their shift is over, the other caregiver takes over in their place.

Independence and Safety

This unique arrangement can be suitable for the client and caregiver alike. The caregivers you hire get to do their jobs and live their own lives, complete with their own homes or apartments. At the same time, your loved one maintains a level of independence that would be difficult to achieve with a caregiver living in their home.

If your loved one values their independence and wants to remain in their own home, hiring a 24-hour caregiver to provide the support they need could be the right choice. With this kind of arrangement, you get peace of mind, the caregiver gets to use their compassion and their knowledge, and your loved one receives the quality care they need.

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When you contact us, we will get to know you and your loved one. We will assess the situation carefully, make recommendations based on our years of experience and expertise, and help guide you through what can be a complicated and confusing process.