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In-Home Senior Care in Somerset, KY

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When you see your elderly parents or relatives needing extra assistance with daily tasks or you just want someone to keep them company during long days, Comfort Keepers in Somerset, KY, is here to help. We dedicate ourselves to building strong bonds with our clients. No matter what kind of individualized senior care at home they need, we are happy to provide it for them and give you the added peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved one is being well taken care of.

Comfort Keepers for In-Home Senior Care

When your loved one is frequently searching for help with routine tasks, such as keeping themselves clean and remembering to take medication, you may want to look into senior home care services. Elderly individuals can find difficulty performing many daily tasks on their own, and some older adults could even struggle to stay standing for long periods of time in order to make a meal.

With a caregiver from Comfort Keepers by their side, you do not have to worry about how your loved one is doing during the day while you are at work or home. We will ensure that they get the proper nutrition and personal grooming they need. With our award-winning senior care at home, elderly people can receive help from a professional who takes notice of their routine and enables them to live a comfortable, fulfilling life.

Benefits of Additional Care for Seniors

Being physically active is an important part of staying healthy for seniors, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our locally owned agency in Somerset encourages seniors to take control of their lives while still providing support with important daily tasks. We offer things like light housekeeping, meal preparation, and personal care while also allowing for flexibility should needs fluctuate and taking a holistic approach to caring for your loved one.

This kind of additional attention can help older clients feel relaxed and connected. Instead of worrying about forgetting a certain medication or how they will visit their friends, seniors can rely on our caring and respectful caregivers for senior care at home.

Mealtime Connection With Seniors

Comfort Keepers is proud to put an emphasis on social connectivity and interaction. With companion care services, our caregivers serve as a companion during meals and can help prep whatever food your loved one needs to eat. A balanced diet can keep seniors healthy and prevent further health complications from a medical scare.

Older people need a range of different food groups when they face health issues. Having a professional there to talk to can give them a way to communicate what they need. Our staff understands that each person is unique and is willing to craft meals to meet their specifications or dietary restrictions. Having someone to share mealtimes with is another important feature of senior care at home.

Transportation Assistance Can Change Lives

Since many seniors struggle to operate a car safely, Comfort Keepers offers help with local grocery shopping or other important trips. Elderly people may have medical appointments that they cannot miss, especially if they have long-term health issues. Our caregivers are able to drive them to and from a doctor's office, as well as any other places they may need or want to go.

Not only can this service give them a sense of independence, but our staff can also remind them of these important visits beforehand so that they do not forget to go. Seniors can visit family and friends as well. Staying active in the greater social community is a key part of maintaining a healthy mind and emotional state.

Thoughtful Approach to Taking Medication

When it becomes tough to remember what time of day to take medication, Comfort Keepers is there to assist seniors. Older people may not take their medications as often or as well as they should because they forget or are too tired. With a professional there for senior care at home, your loved one can stay on schedule and have around-the-clock care any time of the day.

Taking medications on time can also help prevent confusion or other mental or physical problems. We offer 24-hour care services as well as memory care services for those afflicted with Alzheimer's or dementia so that you never have to worry about whether or not someone will be there to watch over your relative. In addition to these specialized services, we also offer post-hospital care for those just discharged from a hospital stay, respite care for family caregivers to receive a much-needed break and compassionate end-of-life care services. 

The Difference a Caregiver Makes

When a loved one is struggling with Alzheimer's disease or dementia, they may not realize when they miss meals or wander away from their current task. Having a caregiver there with them is a way to prevent falls and other accidents. Playing their favorite music and watching certain programs are also services that give older people emotional support and can assist in memory care.

Comfort Keepers' senior care at home includes the option to personalize which services your loved one uses. If they need extra help with tasks like meals or toileting, you can specify which ones and they can get the support they deserve. Older people may even tend to sleepwalk or wander around at random times, which makes it even more important that a professional is there to gently guide them back to rest.

Why Comfort Keepers Rises Above

Our award-winning service stands out because we go above and beyond to make sure that the needs of all our clients are met and that each one is given the opportunity to live a happy, fulfilling life. In addition to being a physical presence to provide care, we take the time to look after older people's mental health and emotional connections. Knowing how easily seniors can feel lonely, in-home senior care is a flexible and enjoyable solution that focuses on a holistic approach to care. Whether it is playing board games together or just chatting, our staff loves to connect with clients.

Our staff at Comfort Keepers works hard to make it easy for seniors who can't drive or clean to get around and take care of their homes. With our customizable care plans, we can tailor what we do to fit the needs of your loved one. 

Find Senior Care at Home

Wanting the best for your elderly parents or loved ones as they age and need more daily assistance is natural. Comfort Keepers seeks to make senior care at home in Somerset a realistic option to help seniors live a comfortable, independent life in their own homes. To get more information and details about our staff and in-home care services in Somerset, contact Comfort Keepers today online by filling out this convenient form or give us a call at (606) 676-9888.