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At Comfort Keepers, we take great pride in being the preferred choice in Somerset for all-inclusive post-hospital care. We understand that the period right after a hospital stay is crucial for your senior loved ones' recovery. It often requires personalized assistance to ensure a seamless transition to their daily routine. At Comfort Keepers, we are dedicated to offering exceptional post-hospital care that is customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our committed group of empathetic caregivers are fully dedicated to offering outstanding services that prioritize seniors' physical well-being and nurture their emotional and mental health. We truly understand the importance of the recovery journey after leaving the hospital, and our care programs are carefully designed to assist seniors in reclaiming their independence, improving their overall well-being, and cultivating a deep sense of security and tranquility. In this constantly evolving world, we are here to support seniors who are in recovery every step of the way.

Why is Post-Hospital Care Important for Recovery?

The absence of personalized assistance is a frequent cause for readmission following release. Organizing post-hospital care can seem overwhelming if your senior loved one has recently been hospitalized or is scheduled for surgery. At Comfort Keepers of Somerset, our utmost commitment lies in reducing avoidable hospital readmissions and guaranteeing a smooth transition to home. Our specialized care that bridges the gap between hospital and home aids in expediting recovery and instilling peace of mind in seniors and their loved ones.

The healing process and regaining strength after an injury or illness doesn't end when you or a cherished individual are released from the hospital. It frequently takes several weeks, occasionally even months, to fully recuperate from diseases or injuries that necessitate hospitalization. Regrettably, numerous individuals underestimate the possibility of being readmitted after a hospital stay and fail to recognize the significance of ongoing recovery at home. Readmission can transpire because of a reoccurrence of the initial condition or a related secondary condition. Seniors who undergo this challenging journey of post-hospital recovery require patience and support.

One of the most effective methods to minimize the chances of hospital readmissions is to guarantee that your cherished family member receives all the assistance they require upon returning home. Comfort Keepers' post-hospital care ensures that your loved one obtains the support for a seamless recovery.

Challenges of Post-Hospital Recovery for Seniors

The anxiety linked to being admitted into an unfamiliar hospital setting and enduring a long recovery after being discharged can negatively impact almost everyone. These stressors can be especially harmful for seniors during recovery following a hospital discharge. As we age, our immune systems weaken, and fatigue can impair even the most alert minds.

Maintaining healthy and familiar patterns is vital for providing optimal care to seniors. When these routines are disrupted, or if a senior's immune system is weakened due to sickness or injury, critical aspects of care may be neglected, and the body can endure significant harm. The mental and physical exhaustion that seniors experience after a hospitalization can increase the chances of developing health issues. Here are a few challenges linked to a lack of post-hospital care for seniors:

  • Transportation: Coordinating transportation for a hospital discharge is necessary, especially if the senior cannot drive, depending on the degree of the illness or injury. Our kind caregivers can help your senior loved one show up on time for follow-up appointments and even pay visits to their families and friends.

  • Nutrition: Cognitive decline is a frequent result of aging, especially for seniors who have recently encountered a difficult situation in an unfamiliar hospital setting. Reduced appetite and inadequate nourishment are typical consequences of this memory loss, and both are prevalent during and after an illness. At Comfort Keepers, we can assist in grocery shopping and cooking meals at home for your senior loved one.

  • Mobility: After a prolonged period of recovery in the medical facility, seniors may encounter a deterioration in their physical state and a weakening of muscles, which can pose a particularly dangerous situation for those who live independently—the chances of tripping and taking a tumble escalate substantially. Our compassionate caregivers have received specialized training in assisting with movement, transfers, and correct positioning to reduce the probability of falls.

  • Medication Reminders: The transition from hospital to home involves various moving parts, including a plan for uninterrupted care and guidance for prescriptions. These vital details can be easily missed by seniors living alone and just beginning to readjust to their everyday routines. Our empathetic caregivers are available to help your senior loved one remember when to take their medication and ensure they take the correct dosage.

Post-Hospital Care Services in Somerset

In the initial month after being discharged from the hospital, seniors face the highest vulnerability to readmission caused by falls, improper medication management, and failure to meet nutritional needs. The objective of post-hospital care is to prevent readmissions by implementing measures such as:

  • Assistance following discharge instructions

  • Ongoing observation for complications

  • Prescription reminders

  • Transportation to follow-up appointments

  • Preparing wholesome snacks and dinners

  • Light housekeeping and ensuring the safety of the home

  • Communication with family members and medical professionals

At Comfort Keepers, our dedicated and empathetic care team utilizes vital details provided by the discharge planner to develop a customized care plan. Our skilled team is specifically educated to deliver hospital-to-home care in Somerset and will offer assistance whenever necessary.

Learn More About Our Post-Hospital Care Services in Somerset

Comfort Keepers offers specialized post-hospital care services in Somerset for seniors who are healing at home after a hospital or a surgical procedure. To prevent the need for readmission, we can act as a reliable support system for seniors as they regain their strength and health following a hospital stay or surgery. To guarantee a swift recovery for you and your cherished ones, our dedicated and compassionate caregivers are accessible round-the-clock to provide care.

As you navigate the healing process after the hospital, let Comfort Keepers help. Our in-home care plans and specialized services allow each senior to focus on recovering. Call us to learn more about our in-home care services in Somerset, London, Corbin, and the surrounding areas. Our care coordinators will collaborate with you to create a personalized care plan for your senior loved one to heal securely at home.