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5 Signs Your Aging Parent Might Need Help at Home

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5 Signs That Your Aging Parent Might Need Help in the Home

Here are a few indicators that your senior loved one may need some help in or around the home. 

It can be very difficult to watch your parents go from the strong protectors who provided you with everything to vulnerable people who need your support. It’s a role reversal few of us are ever ready to accept. But identifying early on that your parents are starting to slow down and may need help can make it a lot easier in the long run. You can introduce changes gradually, so both you and they have time to adjust to the new situation. 

However, it can be challenging to identify when an aging parent needs support. Generally, this is because they are unwilling to accept that they need help and may try to cover up mistakes and accidents because they are afraid of losing their independence. 

If you are unsure if your parent needs help or just want to know what to be on the lookout for, we’ve identified some key signs that may indicate your parents need some support or will need help shortly. 

Increased forgetfulness

If you find yourself reminding your parents of little things more than usual, it could be a sign they are starting to become forgetful. While this may not be a problem to begin with, they could soon be forgetting more important things, like paying bills which can cause problems. 

Mood changes

As people begin to struggle with daily chores and basic tasks, they can feel frustrated that they can’t do things like they use to. This frustration can manifest as sudden outbursts of anger over small issues or a general grumpy, sullen mood. If you notice a change in your parents’ attitude, it could simply be that they just aren’t coping that well, which is frustrating. 

Lack of movement

Keep an eye on your parents when they are out and about. If they are hesitant, slow to move, stumble, trip, or walk into objects, they could have more mobility problems or eyesight than you think. They could well be comfortable moving around their own home, so this would only show when they are somewhere new. If you notice this, consider keeping them a walking stick, stroller or ensuring they have a helper when they go out and about. 

Personal hygiene

If you suddenly notice a distinct decline in your parent’s personal hygiene and/or appearance, this may be a sign that things are getting too much for them to handle. Generally, the elderly will focus on things they consider to be more important such as getting chores done, and this leaves less time to take care of themselves. If they suddenly stop brushing their teeth, combing their hair, wearing clean clothes, or bathing regularly, they may be feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. 


As well as a lack of personal hygiene, if you notice their house becoming dirty, cluttered, and messy, it might be a sign they need more help. If they cannot cope with keeping everything in order, you can consider getting them a cleaner or even moving them to a smaller, more manageable home. 

Do you think it's time for your senior parent to have additional support in and around the home? Comfort Keepers can help! Call us today; (574) 626-4336