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5 Engaging Summer Activities for Seniors

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5 Engaging Summer Activities for Seniors

Everybody is eager to get outside when the cold days finally start to recede, and the sunshine is brighter and warmer. Finding activities that are suitable to your capabilities is important but shouldn't deter you from being active.

There are lots of activities that can help seniors reconnect with nature and be active. 

Why it is important for seniors to be active

Exercising is essential to maintain good health and your overall wellbeing. When thinking of ways to be active, it is important to keep your limits and abilities in mind, but don't let them stop you from reaping the benefits of an active lifestyle. 

Some benefits an active lifestyle offers seniors are:

Manage and maintain body weight

Builds and maintains strong bones

Boosts mood and reduces stress

Prevents falls by helping to keep your balance strong 

Reduce risks of chronic illness and diseases

Improves digestion

Increases immune system

Promotes more restful sleep

Increases socialization

Staying active and exercising your body has so many benefits. If you are unsure where to start or what is safe for you, it is always worth calling your doctor for their opinion. 


Swimming is a fantastic way to stay active, especially for seniors. Water allows you to exercise without stressing out the joints, and swimming is excellent for cardiovascular health. A good swim will work your body, get your blood pumping, and leave you feeling invigorated. 

When the warm weather rolls around, it is nice to head out to the beach or a lake for a swim—giving you the added bonus of getting into nature. 

Slather on some sunscreen, throw on your favorite swimsuit and spend the day swimming. 

Treasure hunting

Combing beaches and parks with a metal detector is a fun and exciting way to get outside and get moving. 

Walking around the beach or any other area you decide to search for treasure is a fantastic way to move your body, with the promise of finding something buried in the sand or soil is exciting. 

Treasure hunting is also a great way to spend the day with friends, your kids, or your grandkids. Everyone loves to find some hidden treasures and spend the day outside.

You don't have to spend a lot of money on a metal detector. You can buy a lower-end one that won't take such a toll on the pocketbook. You can also browse yard sales and thrift stores looking for a used metal detector. N

No matter where your metal detector comes from, it is sure to get you out of the house, moving around, and possibly uncovering a hidden treasure. 


Once that warm weather arrives, everyone is eager to get outside and bask in the warmth of the sun. Going for a walk is a great way to stay active and get outside. You don't have to go anywhere in particular or buy any special equipment. A simple walk around the block is sufficient.

If you don't want to venture out and get into nature, there are so many parks and trails that offer accessible walkways so everyone can enjoy them. 

Taking someone with you, whether that's forming a walking club, taking the grandkids for a stroll, heading out with your spouse, or having a caregiver take you for a walk, you are sure to reap the rewards of this simple exercise. 

If you decide to go to a park, you can plan to take a picnic and make a whole day out of it. Be sure you dress accordingly and drink lots of water. 

Walking will help to get your blood pumping. Depending on your speed and the difficulty of your chosen path, you can easily break a sweat when walking. Walking is also known to boost your mood and help to increase your feelings of happiness. 


Gardening is a terrific way to get outside in the sunshine, work up a sweat, and improve your mood. 

If you don't have the space for a garden or don't feel like you can manage a whole garden on your own. It may be worth looking into a community garden. You can help with gardening duties, take home some fresh vegetables, and socialize with people in your community. 

You can also grow a few things in containers or a raised bed if getting down on the ground is not something you can do anymore or don't want to. 

Growing your own food and getting your hands dirty is good for your body and good for your mental health. 

Pick berries

If you can make it to a farm and pick your own berries, you have yourself a fantastic way to get outside and enjoy the summer. 

Many farms offer pick your own berries; whether it is blueberries or strawberries, you can be sure they are as fresh as they can get and bursting with flavor. 

Picking berries is great if you are a baker and want to make pies or preserve some jam, or you just want to enjoy some fresh berries every day. 

Organizing a group outing with your friends or family is an excellent way to socialize, make memories, and stay active when the warm weather rolls around. 

As with any other outdoor activity, don't forget the sunblock, your water bottle, and know when you have had enough sun and need to rest. 


Incorporating regular activity into your daily life is important at any age. Still, as we age, it can make the difference between having a wonderful quality of life or falling into a depression. 

Summertime is the perfect time to get out, move your body, socialize, and soak up some sun. There are so many accessible activities for people of all abilities. If you are unsure if an activity is safe for you, always check with your doctor beforehand. 

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