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4 of the Best Physical Activities for Seniors

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4 of the Best Physical Activities for Seniors

As we age, ensuring we get enough physical activity becomes more and more important. Staying active has a significant impact on overall health, and this only becomes more important as we age. Seniors who remain active over the age of 50 are proven to live longer, have fewer joint and mobility issues, and some studies suggest staying active can help fight chronic illnesses. 

The more regular activity you can get, the better. However, medical experts generally say that around 2 and half hours of moderate exercise a week is enough. Apart from being good for your health, regular exercise also allows aging people to remain independent for longer. Physical restrictions are one of the main reasons people need support or move into care facilities as they age. Exercise allows them to perform basic tasks without support for longer than people who do not exercise regularly. But what are the best exercises to do to help fight muscle degeneration and make sure you stay fit and healthy? We’ve compiled a list of the top four exercises to keep fit as you age. 


As we age, it becomes harder to do cardio or perform aerobic activities. Walking is one of the best exercises to do regularly. It works almost all of the body and helps keep muscles strong and lean without putting pressure on joints. It’s low-impact and can also help ensure the respiratory system stays healthy and functioning normally. 


Yoga, Pilates, or just regular stretching classes are of huge benefits as we age. Aside from improved flexibility, stretching helps prevent soreness and aching muscles. Keeping your muscles supple and healthy is crucial to maintain mobility for as long as possible. Stretching classes can prevent joint pain and help ensure muscle mass is retained as we slow down and are less active. It’s vital for overall health and can also help the body recover from other exercises. Stretching ensures elderly people can perform daily tasks without support and aid by ensuring muscles are fit, healthy, and prepared for other physical activities. 


You might not be a champion weightlifter as you age, but regular weight lifting can be of enormous benefit. Small weights of only 1-2kg are heavy enough to ensure you retain muscle mass and keep strength in your arms and legs. This means you will be mobile and active for much longer. Weight lifting can also be done using your own body weight. 

Muscle loss is a significant reason seniors lose the ability to perform tasks on their own. Regular weighted exercises help a senior maintain independence. 

Balance and coordination

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to remain steady when walking. This can lead to trips and falls, so maintaining a good level of balance is vital to ensuring long-term health. In addition, we become less coordinated as we age, and our eyesight worsens. This means more accidents ad elderly people misjudge distances or lack the coordination to perform basic tasks. Frequent and regular exercise using balance balls, throwing, catching, and coordination will keep your body fit and healthy. It will help ensure your mind is healthy and you have a good sense of balance and coordination to prevent accidents. 

Comfort Keepers can Help

At Comfort Keepers, we help seniors remain in the comfort of their own homes, longer. Physical and emotional engagement is a key part of the service we provide in the Logansport, IN community. To learn more about Comfort Keepers; call (574) 626-4336