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3 Tips for Keeping Your Brain Healthy

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Brain Healthy

There are several ways to stay engaged and keep your brain healthy! Here are four. 

Our brain function doesn’t have to fade simply because we are growing older. A lot of people go about taking care of their physical health, lifting weight and going through with other exercises but fail to think about the health of their brain. This is something everyone should do. We all need to take care of our brain as it serves a very important role in our daily lives; from playing to learning, to working, aptitude, memory, and personality, the brain does a very important job in our lives.

While the brain serves as one of the most vital organs a human body is equipped with, it is also the most mysterious. There are a lot of things about the brain that are yet to be uncovered by scientists including why some people can remember their first pet at the age of 100, while some develop brain decline in their 50s. But according to researches, taking care of our brain can help it remain sharp and this can be done with just a few lifestyle choices. Having a healthy brain is very essential for everybody. Below are some amazing tips that can help us keep our brain healthy;

Treat Your Brain Like You Treat Your Heart

The heart is one major organ that a lot of us look well after. The heart gets its disease when the arteries that provide it with blood are occluded. In other words, this means that heart diseases come up when the heart doesn’t get enough nutrients. This same logic applies to our brains. If the arteries that supply blood to the brain are clogged and therefore do not provide the brain with the nutrients it requires, the health and function of the brain will be compromised leading to brain diseases. You should ensure that you have your cholesterol levels checked, increase your intake of unsaturated fat and decrease your intake of saturated fat.

Interact and Bond With Others

One of the things that highly engages our brain is socializing. Social settings help us use our brains quite well. When we go out to meet people, we read facial expressions, we read body language, practice empathy for others, and understand social context; all of these involve using our brain. Additionally, when we interact with others, we tend to get more positive emotions which in turn provides the brain with chemicals that ensures that the brain remains healthy.

Move Your Body

That’s right, exercise keeps our arteries healthy and also affects the brain tissue in a positive way. As we get older, our brains have the tendency to shrink, but people who exercise regularly do not experience this. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple; when you exercise, the number of connections in the brain is increased, and the more connections the brain has, the more memory storage capacity it will have to save information. Exercising also triggers the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which helps the neurons to remain healthy.

Play Games

Playing games that challenge us mentally can help keep the brain healthy, as well as increase social interaction.