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How To Select Best Health Care Service Tampa

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Tampa, Florida.

Decision Making – 
How To Select Best Health Care Service Tampa 

You are on our Comfort Keepers® web site gathering information as you explore how to secure the best professional and reliable in-home health care services for the senior or other adult you love and care for.

Did you read our Post: “Exploring All Options?”

It answered the first of the three questions

  • What options are available to us?
  • How do we make our decisions?
  • What are the changes we can expect and how do we prepare for them?

It laid out the skills that are necessary before entering the Decision-Making process.

This time we start with another question.

With enough practice, can one learn to make the right decision most of the time?

Most people answer yes.

The correct answer is NO.

There is no such thing as a right decision.

There are only decisions with positive and negative outcomes.


There are four main reasons why this is true.

1. Many people become paralyzed when trying to figure out what the “right decision” is

    and make no decision at all rather than make the “wrong decision”.

2. The outcome can’t be predicted until the decision is made and the result observed.

3. It is almost as if people believe that they are born with 2,475,291 decisions (or some other

    arbitrary number and so they must not waste them on a wrong one. 

Nope. We are born with an infinite number of decisions and get to make as many of them as we want or need to.

4. We react strongly to the words “wrong” and “right”. Better not to use them.

Positive and Negative aren’t viewed the same way. Math has positive & negative sides as do batteries and we don’t see the negative as bad. Think in those terms rather than right and wrong.

Back to the beginning question above.

It IS possible to learn to make decisions that have positive outcomes most of the time.

With practice, we can begin to see patterns in our choicesthat lead to positive outcomes more of the time.

It's very important to realize that a key element in making decisions is to act.

Notice the action in each of the following “4 Tools of Decision-Making.” 

The Tools then in the decision-making process are to:

·        VIEW ALL options.

·        SELECT an option for action.

·        MAKE a decision.

·        EVALUATE the decision.      


When the outcome is negative make more decisions until the outcome is the positive you seek.

When the outcome is positive, congratulate yourself & enjoy.

With practice, you will master the process of making decisions without boxing yourself into selecting the impossible - a right decision.Instead with all your options open to you,make decisions & move forward along the path you choose.

Decision-making is the skill you develop by using the four tools (View, Select, Make, Evaluate) that are the key elements in a healthy and productive decision-making process.

Comfort Keepers®has a long and outstanding history of committed senior care services. Our team is comprised of extremely dedicated in-home care professionals who are well trained, well supervised and dedicated to providing uncompromised in-home care services to our elder and other adult clients.

Our administrative staff will help you:

  • VIEW all your options for care
  • SELECT an option that fills your current need.
  • MAKE a decision that will give your loved one the care they need and give you peace of mind.
  • EVALUATE the outcomes and adjust them as necessary.

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