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Exploring All Options in Home Care Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Tampa, Florida.

“Exploring All Options” In Home Care Services
For The Senior Or Other Adult You Love And Care

You make changes in your life beginning with 
“Exploring All Options”

As you begin to explore seeking professional and reliable in home health care services for the senior or other adult you love and care for you will be faced with many issues:

  • What options are available to us?
  • How do we make our decisions?
  • What are the changes we can expect and how do we prepare for them?

Comfort Keepers®has a long and outstanding history of committed senior care services.Our team is comprised of extremely dedicated in-home care professionalswho are well trained, well supervised and dedicated to providing uncompromised in-home care services to our elder and other adult clients.

Our posts are here to provide information as you make changes in your life beginning with “Exploring All Options”

At one time or another most of us have been asked the question: is the glass ½ full or ½ empty?

Prevailing wisdom has been that optimists see it ½ full while pessimists see it ½ empty. We provide a third answer. More on that in a few paragraphs.


Too often people discard options at the start of their decision-making process. They think an option: won’t work; is too hard;
is too expensive or any number of other reasons so they discard it without exploration.

Eliminating any option before listing it and reviewing it with all others may prove to be a fatal mistake. What seems at casual glance to be too hard or unlikely to work at closer inspection and when compared with other options may be the best option available.

Back to our glass above. How many of you discarded a third option that the glass is neither ½ full nor ½ empty? Rather it is both! Part of it is ½ full at the same time another part is ½ empty. Seems silly, but look back at the last decision you made and consider whether you eliminated options earlymaking your process and outcome all the harder. And NEVER eliminate an option that you consider a step back.

A client I had was going to quit school one semester short of her degree because her current job demanded too much of her time & attention.

She had risen in the restaurant from waitress to hostess to her current position as assistant manager.

When asked about options she couldn’t think of any except to quit school. Further questioning revealed she had eliminated one:

  • Her employer was willing to move her into a vacant hostess position; and
  • She knew that she could live on her income as a hostess.

At first she steadfastly rejected that option telling me that she couldn’t go back to being a hostess because that was “going backwards”. It was only when I pointed out that this “step back” allowed her the flexibility she needed to continue to go forward that she took that step,became a hostess again, continued school and graduated.

Comfort Keepers® provides an on-site assessment with our Registered Nurse Carly Ray to help you look at all options available that will provide the most appropriate care plan for the senior in your life.

Picture standing before a wall so tall & stretching so far to the left & right that you can’t see a way to the door that you know must be there.You have only one chance to get it correct. Which direction do you choose? Taking a step back gives a view that shows the door far down the left. That’s not an option most people would consider even though it is not a backward step.

So, remember to always list ALL OPTIONS before starting your decision-making process,no matter how limited/limiting they first appear.

When you are ready to discuss the need for reliable in-home care services for your parents, grandparents or relatives who are elderly or are experiencing other limiting issues we’re here to help.