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What Talks Of Re-Opening Broward County Means For Home Elder Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

As many areas around the country make plans to reopen, people can expect significant restrictions even within opened businesses. At-risk groups, such as seniors and those in elder care, will find special accommodations, but it’s still important to understand the new rules. The safety guidelines will vary depending on the business and the populations they serve. 

Broward County’s Plans to Reopen

In home elder care facilities, and other housing developments and community living arrangements, more communal areas may open. However, groups are capped at 10 people, and the same can be said for pools and gyms. 

While grocery stores have remained open as an essential business, retail stores will now begin opening as well. However, shoppers shouldn’t bring their own bags from home, and will need to maintain social distancing per CDC guidelines. 

Social distancing will also be necessary for the restaurants that prepare to return to somewhat regular business. Like other community facilities, groups top out at 10, and there must be strict sanitization. 

What It Means for Home Elder Care

Special accommodations are being made for seniors, and those in home elder care can take advantage of some of the services available. For instance, as Covid-19 testing becomes more widely available, many areas are making sure vulnerable seniors have access to testing. 

Some testing options include drive through and walk in services, although that may not be practical for every person in home care. In Broward County, elderly that are homebound or otherwise unable to attend regular testing sites may be able to get tested at home.

Many businesses are creating special hours for senior visitors, and that isn’t limited to stores. Public areas like parks and beaches are also considering designating certain hours for the elderly only. 

The Touchline is another resource seniors and their caregivers can use. The program includes daily calls to check in with vulnerable seniors. These calls can help ease the mind of those in home care, and caregivers can use the specialists as a resource for handling issues that may come up as a result of the conditions surrounding the pandemic. The program also helps inform callers about resources within the community. 


While many guidelines remain the same around the country, some things do vary by state or county. Broward County is adding more programs to support vulnerable people, and giving businesses rules to keep the population safe.

Seniors can still take advantage of special opening hours, testing programs, community support resources, and more. For those in Fort Lauderdale home care, these resources can be a crucial lifeline in times of need. If you’re unsure how it affects you, the health department can specify the rules and guidelines in more detail.