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The Many Benefits of Golf for Seniors in Fort Lauderdale

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Whether you're a lifelong golfer or your parent is taking up the game in retirement, you can enjoy the benefits of golf in numerous ways. Although any excuse to spend a beautiful day outdoors enjoying the sounds of nature is a good one. Golf can provide a low-impact, beneficial workout for both the mind and body. Golf can be important when it comes to a senior in Fort Lauderdale and maintaining their fitness. Golfing offers a low risk of injury in comparison to other sports but offers excellent health benefits, as well as competitive fun. There are plenty of incredible golf courses in Fort Lauderdale that seniors can play at. The Coral Ridge Country Club, Fort Lauderdale Country Club, and City of Lauderhill Golf Course or just some of the many golf courses in Fort Lauderdale that seniors can enjoy.  In this article, Comfort Keepers will explore the ways you can enjoy the many benefits of golf regardless of your age or skill level.

The Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Physical Exercise: Fitbit wearing golfers understand one of the benefits of golf is the amount of walking you receive. Even if you're riding around in a cart, golfers will easily walk more than 7,000 steps during an 18-hole game. Walking is extremely beneficial, as it helps improve circulation, burn calories, and keep your blood pressure down.

Mental Stimulation: The strategy and focus required during a round of golf is good for keeping the mind stimulated. Especially because there is more to the game than only hitting a ball around. Whenever you hit your tee shot in a challenging situation, you need to think about several options on how you're going to get yourself out of it. Will you take the safe route and hit it onto the fairway? Will you take a more demanding approach to try and save a stroke? This type of strategy and decision-making increases the blood flow to the brain and fires up your frontal lobes.

Endorphins: The act of being outside activates your pre-motor cortex to calculate force and direction. If you make the putt, you're rewarded with mood-enhancing endorphins. Although golf can be frustrating at times, playing with your family or friends can help you stay relaxed, which will increase your enjoyment level.   

Be a Spectator at a Tournament

While many people may want to take a nap during a golf tournament, going to a tournament in person is an entirely different experience. Not only do you get the thrill of watching some of the best golfers in the world do their best. You also get exercise from walking to each hole. Seniors should consider attending the Fort Lauderdale Open, which is one of the biggest golf tournaments in the Fort Lauderdale area. Many of the golfers in this tournament are legends that a senior and their loved ones or friends can witness.

Whether you've been playing golf all your life, or just picked it up, golfing has many health benefits for seniors. Taking advantage of these benefits is simple. It comes down to just playing the game on the course with your family and friends. If you happen to live close to where a golf tournament is played, pass by it to get a feel of how pro golfers play the game. These are great ways to bond with people who share your interests while stimulating your brain and body.