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Are you searching for an in-home senior care plan? It can be challenging to select one that's right for yourself or a loved one. Live-in senior care and 24-hour senior care are two popular options for seniors who prefer to receive assistance in their own homes. When you understand the differences between the two plans, you can make an informed decision. While physicians can help families make decisions about care, it's still important to learn about the differences between these plans. Comfort Keepers Shelton, CT, can discuss our in-home care options. Learn about the following differences between the two in-home care plans to help you make the right choice for yourself or a loved one. 

What Is Live In Senior Care?

Live-in senior care typically involves caregivers who provide 24-hour assistance with intervals of rest. Often, caregivers will remain on duty for an entire 24 hours. They may be permitted to sleep for a period of eight hours. These caregivers may work for 8-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts for anywhere from a day or two to five-day stretches. Then, caregivers are relieved by other live-in caregivers who are familiar with the needs of the resident.  

Live-in senior care may be preferable to people who want to live in their own homes while receiving professional assistance. This kind of care may entail assistance with medications, medical treatments, and self-care. Seniors may require help with mobility, too.  

What Is 24-Hour In-Home Care?

Residents in need of more intensive in-home assistance may require 24-hour in-home senior care. In these instances, more than one caregiver will be needed to work a portion of the shift. Caregivers will work either eight or twelve hours during the 24-hour care period and will not be permitted to sleep even when the resident does. It's their job to be fresh and alert in order to monitor and provide the required care duties. 

Caregivers who provide 24-hour in-home senior care are tasked with providing supervision, particularly in situations where residents suffer from Alzheimer's disease or dementia. These residents may stray from their bed or chair to wander or perform a task that could be unsafe. Additionally, these caregivers can provide help with medical equipment, mobility assistance, and medication management. 

Do I Need In-Home Senior Care?

It's not always easy to determine when in-home care is needed. However, the following signs are usually strong indicators that in-home senior care should be considered: 

  • Personal Needs Assistance: Many seniors require help with caring for themselves. Caregivers can assist them with dressing, bathing, and other self-care tasks. Sometimes this type of care is needed indefinitely; at other times, seniors may only require help after recovering from a surgery or illness.  
  • Mobility: It's not uncommon for seniors to have difficulty moving about their homes. Some are wheelchair users. Some may be unsteady on their feet. Caregivers can provide assistance by helping these seniors access the bathroom or other rooms of their homes. 
  • Monitoring: Caregivers can monitor seniors' health in order to report changes to healthcare providers. They can also provide supervision of people with a memory condition. If you or a loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's, in-home care may be the ideal option. 
  • Companionship: Seniors who feel lonely or don't want to be alone for long periods of time can benefit from in-home senior care. Caregivers can provide refreshing companionship and also help with tasks like medication management or personal needs assistance. 

Comfort Keepers Shelton features many types of senior care, including 24-hour in-home senior care. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to contact us. We're here to answer all your questions and help you select the right plan for your needs. 

If you or your loved one need in-home senior care in Shelton, CT, call Comfort Keepers. We offer multiple care plans and are here to help you find the ideal care plan for your needs. Our caregivers are licensed and highly trained. Contact us to learn more.