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276 Hazard Ave #3, Enfield, Connecticut 06082 Coronavirus update

Customized In-Home Care Services and Solutions

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Enfield, Connecticut.

In Home Care for Seniors in Enfield, CT and the Surrounding Area

Comfort Keepers offers in home care for seniors in Enfield, CT who need dietary and nutritional support to stay healthy

It is very important to ensure your diet includes food and drink that are nutritious and meet your dietary needs. Unfortunately, many people find daily living tasks such as preparing meals has become increasingly difficult with age. As a result, they either forego meals or eat foods that are less than nutritious. The good news is that Comfort Keepers can help with in home care for seniors who may experience difficulty preparing meals.

Comfort Keepers understands that there is no place like home and that most seniors want to safely age in place. Our in home care for seniors provides support and services that enable you to maximize your independence are freedom while safely residing in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Supports range from light housekeeping and laundry to personal care, including meal preparation.

The truth is that your nutritional needs are not the same as they were in younger years. As we age, our metabolism slows down, our digestive system changes and makes it harder for the body to absorb key nutrients, and even water is not used as efficiently as it once was. Complicating matters, a senior's desire for food is often lower as medications and age make us less hungry. The result is that seniors typically eat less food, the body processes the food less efficiently, and malnutrition starts to set in. To avoid this pitfall, seniors need to make every calorie that they do eat count.

You may also face chronic pain, mobility challenges, or other issues that make cooking and cleaning difficult. It is simply easier to go out to eat or grab a bag of chips.

Comfort Keepers caregivers can work with you and your doctor or nutritionist to help plan, shop for, and prepare nutritious and delicious meals. In home care for seniors can also provide the social and emotional support that is necessary for you to stick to a healthy eating plan.

For more information about senior diets or the many ways that Comfort Keepers can help maximize their freedom, independence, and quality of life, contact a care coordinator today.

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