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Around-the-Clock Home Care in Bethel

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Bethel, Connecticut.

around the clock home care

Around-the-Clock Home Care in Bethel

Most elderly individuals and those with disabilities require help getting through a healthy daily routine each day. Some of these individuals get enough help from their family members to avoid outside senior care services. Others need supplemental care to live comfortable and happy lives. 

Individuals who are struggling in significant ways from conditions such as Parkinson's, or very serious injuries may need around-the-clock home care to remain in their homes. This is the most significant level of in-home care, and it's more costly than more basic in-home care services. 

In-home care is a valuable resource for any family struggling to effectively care for a family member who’s no longer capable of performing daily activities. If you're considering hiring caregivers for your family member, consider whether short caregiver visits are enough or if you'll need something more extensive like around-the-clock home care.

Who Needs Around-the-Clock Home Care?

Around-the-clock home care is necessary for clients who need help functioning healthily during the day and at night. For individuals who are seriously impaired in some way, it's important to have someone available all the time when help is needed. 

Consider how often your family member needs assistance and use that information to determine if around-the-clock care is a necessary expense for your family. 

The Different Types of Around-the-Clock Care

If your family member needs active help to live safely during every hour of the day, they'll require full 24-hour care from a select few caregivers working in shifts. This is the most extensive care solution, but it ensures that someone is always awake and meeting the needs of your loved one at all times.

For individuals who need less care, it's possible to hire companion caregivers or personal caregivers to be in the home during the day to meet your loved one's needs. This type of care is generally more affordable than 24-hour care. What you can expect with this type of care is someone who will converse with your loved one while preparing meals, getting the mail, going for walks or running errands with your loved one, or just helping with some general chores around the house. If your loved one is lonely and needs a bit of assistance, but is healthy overall, this may be a better option than around-the-clock care.

Estimating Your Care Costs

To determine your total care costs, decide how many hours a caregiver must be present at your loved one's home and multiply that total by the going rate for caregivers in your area. 

You can talk with an agency like Comfort Keepers for more specific pricing information. Hiring an in-home caregiver is an essential expense for some families, and it's necessary for keeping loved ones at home where they’re safe and most comfortable when they need significant care. 

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