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Do You Need Private Duty Nursing Services?

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Do You Need Private Duty Nursing Services?

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Private duty nursing services are available through Comfort Keepers in Flagstaff, and are an excellent choice if you want a healthcare professional to offer medical care to your loved one outside the conventional medical setup. In this arrangement, the healthcare provider will offer long-term nursing assistance to clients who need extra assistance while living at home rather than in a nursing care facility.

From the comfort of their own home, your loved one will receive quality nursing care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To provide comprehensive care, a Private Duty Nurse (PDN) can live with the client full-time.

Who Needs the Help of a PDN?

If you have an elderly or disabled relative who needs special care at home, you can contact Comfort Keepers in Flagstaff for private duty nursing in-home care. PDNs assist those who need medical care because of congenital diseases or conditions, as well as elderly individuals who need ongoing care for conditions such as:

A PDN will provide customized care as outlined in the individualized care plan for each client.  

What Is the Role of a Private Duty Nurse?

Since a PDN offers one-on-one nursing care, what they do will touch on almost all aspects of the client’s life. Some of their duties include the following:

  • Providing hospice care, tracheostomy care, nasogastric (NG) tube care, feeding tube (gastrostomy) care, ostomy and catheter care, respiratory treatments, and ventilator care, among others.

  • Creating treatment plans, completing nursing care documentation, and administering medications as prescribed.

  • Managing chronic illnesses and ensuring the clients are comfortable at all times.

  • Examining the client’s medication status and obtaining a medical history.

  • Collaborating with other healthcare providers like physicians, dentists, opticians, etc.

  • Interacting with the client daily and checking vital signs (documenting alterations and changes).

  • Diet monitoring and supervision with consideration of the client's medical condition and the dietician’s advice

  • Applying devices, bandages, and dressings.

  • Assisting or providing client self-care, like nail and hair care, bathing, and dressing needs.

  • Providing motion exercises if necessary.

  • Creating a plan for bedridden clients to prevent muscle wasting, contractures, and bed sores.

  • In an emergency, they contact the correct medical facilities and doctors to ensure the client's health and well-being are optimal.

A PDN must involve the client's family in their plan, updating them regularly on their condition and progress.

What Should You Look for in a Private Duty Nurse?

With Comfort Keepers, you can rest assured that our PDN caregivers are experienced nurses and qualified to offer medical care to clients. These nurses have outstanding attention to detail and can monitor clients' mood changes or other signs that are out of the ordinary and provide the needed additional care. You can be sure that our PDNs at Comfort Keepers possess the following:

  • Patience: When a person is unwell, they can be irritable at times. Since they won't be able to perform certain tasks, they can have a tendency to lash out at their caregiver. PDNs should be able to remain calm no matter how the client behaves.

  • Compassion: A nurse should be empathetic and compassionate toward their clients. Since PDNs are the primary caregivers for their clients, they must show compassion and try to build a strong bond with them.

Other important qualities of a Comfort Keeper PDN are honesty and trustworthiness. Since the nurse may live in your home, their behavior should be above reproach. Contact Comfort Keepers of Flagstaff if you need a highly-trained, experienced, and professional Private Duty Nurse.