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Coping With Loss During the Holidays

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Help For Seniors Coping With Grief During The Holiday Season in Flagstaff, AZ

Comfort Keepers is providing help for seniors who are coping with loss during the holiday.

The first holiday after you lost a loved one can stir too many memories and trigger grief and depression. For many people, the pain can get overwhelming during this time of the year, so it is not uncommon if you just want the holidays to be over with.

There are no easy or clear answers to help you cope with such emotions, as it is all too easy to get paralyzed and stuck in grief. By learning how to find strength and by reaching out and asking support and help for seniors from family and friends, you can, however, take control of your grief and make this holiday season more bearable. Here are a few suggestions:  

Accept your pain will be triggered

Accepting the fact that the holiday season will be hard without a loved one may give you more strength to cope with your grief. Remember that it is okay to lower your holiday expectations.

Prepare and plan ahead

Let your family and friends know if it is too painful to participate in certain holiday activities. You can even opt for something altogether different when it comes to holiday dinners, church services or other festive activities. Planning a daily calendar one week in advance can provide help for seniors to avoid getting stuck in grief and make them feel less lost without a loved one.

Ask for support and help

Getting enough support and help for seniors to combat grief during the holidays may be attained by reaching to those who may be experiencing or have experienced similar emotions. Most people find that it is easier to cope with grief when you communicate with those who feel the exact same way. If you cannot rely on that kind of support from family, consider reaching out to bereavement counselors or support groups in your area.

What about holiday traditions?

Should you follow family traditions or do they seem just too painful when you reminisce the good old times? This is certainly not an easy choice to make, but don’t be afraid to tell your family that some traditions are too overwhelming for you. Plan only what is special and meaningful for you, even if it means breaking away from tradition. Most people coping with loss during the holidays find that establishing a new tradition to honor the departed helps a great deal.

Here are some examples of new traditions you can start in memory of your departed loved one:

  • Kindly ask visitors and family members to write a journal about the memories they have of your loved one.
  • Donate to a cause he or she was passionate about.
  • Plant a tree in your departed one’s memory.

The purpose of the holiday season is to do whatever feels best. Rely on the support you get from family members of professional help for seniors to care for yourself and take it one step at a time.