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Call (928) 774-0888 | 214 N Sitgreaves St, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 Coronavirus update
214 N Sitgreaves St, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001 Coronavirus update

Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

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Senior Care

Interactive Caregiving™ - Our Approach to Senior Care

Senior Nutrition

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Our distinctive approach to in-home senior care is at the very heart of Comfort Keepers® does.

One of the most important things to seniors is the ability to remain living independently in the comfort of their own homes for as long as possible. Our Flagstaff in-home care team can help make this a reality. Each caregiver receives meticulous training in our proprietary Interactive Caregiving™ approach to care, a blend of strategies and technology that emphasizes full engagement and interaction.

Our goal in Flagstaff is to improve quality of life while helping seniors to maintain their independence for as long as possible with our in-home senior care services. We deliver essential personal care, companionship, and housekeeping services − using an Interactive Caregiving approach that our clients and caregivers believe makes a real difference over others in-home senior care.  

Keeping Seniors Engaged and Active

After living an independent lifestyle for many years, it can be frustrating and stressful for seniors to realize they no longer have the mobility they once had. To ease these challenges your Flagstaff team encourages seniors to take an active role in their care. Our caregivers follow a care plan designed for your loved one that includes physical, mental, and social activities that seniors look forward to doing. We want your loved ones to visit friends, solve crossword puzzles, and listen to music. We want them to do all the activities that make them the happiest.

By encouraging physical and mental interaction, our seniors live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The Interactive Caregiving™ Difference

Interactive Caregiving™ means that your loved ones never have to tackle their health or recovery alone. Our caregivers work side-by-side to improve wellbeing and maintain independence. We use this system because we believe it makes a positive difference in all our clients' lives. For instance:

  • Physical exercise conditions and strengthens core muscles. This practice reduces the risk of falling, which is one of the leading causes of injury in seniors. Studies even show that exercise is better for fall prevention than home modifications.
  • Solving puzzles and reminiscing are important mental exercises. They keep the mind nimble and alert, which fights negative emotions and confusion.
  • Mental acuity for seniors also comes down to proper diet and hydration. We focus on meal preparation and make sure our clients aren't missing these essentials.
  • Caregiver companionship promotes home safety. Our preventative measures, including safety technologies, help seniors stay connected with the modern world.
  • Comfort Keepers’ unique Interactive Caregivingapproach operates on four central principles. Each of our trained caregivers employs these principles as they care for, engage, and interact with their clients:
    • A senior with an active mind is happier, lives a fuller life, and engages with others.
    • A well-nourished senior has a more active mind and body.
    • A safe senior lives in an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes timely response when illness or accidents occur.

With a customized Comfort Keepers’ care plan, your loved one can remain in his or her home longer. This alone is a touching and life-changing gift for aging seniors. Family members can take comfort in knowing their loved ones are in the safest hands possible. Our caregivers do more than meet daily needs. They provide ready companionship for your loved ones at a time when they need it most.

For more information and resources about Interactive Caregiving, visit the Comfort Keepers Info Center section on Senior Care and Related Topics.

Senior Companion Care and Elderly  Companion Care

In-home senior companion care supports both seniors and elderly companion care for overall health & well-being

Loneliness is one of the biggest problems affecting older adults every day. More than one-third of people over the age of 65 in the United States live alone, and many of them struggle with loneliness. Senior Companion care and Elderly companion care provide needed companionship which helps ward off feelings of emptiness or isolation and loneliness which can lead to serious health problems. Seniors and the elderly who spend most of their time alone are at s at greater risk of the following conditions:

  • High blood pressure
  • Clinical depression
  • Dementia or cognitive decline
  • Engagement in risky or unhealthy behaviors
  • Early death

Loneliness can be a vicious cycle, as the feelings are contagious. People that are lonely tend to become negative and that negativity can damage relationships with friends and family/  Many people just don't like or care to be around negative people.  

Spending too much time alone can have serious mental (depression) and physical health consequences.  In-home senior companion care and elderly companion care helps to ward off these conditions. Professionally trained caregivers understand their roles as companions and most thrive in that role.

Senior Companion Care helps caregivers develop relationships with seniors or elderly people.  The caregiver works with them to participate in their favorite activities or help to bring new activities to their charge.  Caregivers trained in our unique Interactive Caregiving™ philosophy bring an un-paralleled aspect of senior companion care to the Flagstaff area and communities. Senior companion care providers incorporate activities that engage your loved one, bringing joy as well as companionship to their life. Caregivers can be there as a friend and a listening ear, but they can also assist with household chores or personal care needs if desired.

Living alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely. Contact the senior companion care team at Comfort Keepers in Flagstaff and schedule a free senior companion care consultation with one of our care coordinators. If you think it is a good fit we will carefully match a select caregiver based on the needs and individual interests of your loved one. Let us bring joy to your loved one’s life.  Call us today for your no-obligation consultation at (928) 774-0888 

Senior Companion Care and Elderly Companion care team members are all trained in the interactive care philosophy that is exclusive to Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers®: Diet and Nutrition

Comfort Keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including nutritious meal planning and preparation.

For more information and resources about Interactive Caregiving, visit the Comfort Keepers Info Center section on Senior Care and Related Topics or call the Flagstaff team at (928) 774-0888 for an in-home care assessment.

Senior Care

Senior Nutrition

Our Comfort Keepers make sure seniors consistently eat a nutrient-rich diet that promotes good health. They often share meals with their clients because companionship at mealtime stimulates the appetite.  

Your Keeper will not only help prepare nutritious food but they will shop with or without the senior being there.  Our caregivers are professionally trained and understand what your loved one needs.  The care plan created for your loved one ensures that your senior eats healthy nutritious foods regularly.