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Comfort Keepers Home Care in the Greater Kansas City & Topeka-Lawrence Area

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Comfort Keepers Home Care in Overland Park, KS recognizes the growing desire that seniors have when it comes to spending their golden years at home.  This is why we’ve created a selection of care that covers a variety of services from personal care and homemaker tasks, to private duty nursing and dementia care.  For over 16 years, families in the Greater Kansas City & Topeka-Lawrence area have trusted us to provide their loved ones with services that go beyond expectations and allow them to live as independently in the home as possible.

All of our services are designed to help improve the lives of seniors by promoting good health, a strong body, and a clear mind.  This unique approach to in home care for seniors is what we like to call Interactive Caregiving.  Studies continue to show that adults who are 65 and older benefit greatly from a life that is more active and engaging.  So, we’ve trained our caregivers to take every day moments and turn them into something special.  This can include taking the time to share a conversation over a meal prepared together, including the senior in on tasks such as laundry and shopping, or going with them on a walk.





If you have worried about your senior loved one living on their own, it might be time to consider in home senior care. Begin the process by taking a short survey to help you better understand when the time has come to pursue care options.






What sets our home care apart in Kansas?

Comfort Keepers of Overland Park, KS is here to bring a whole new element to your loved one’s care.  With the grandPad, seniors can easily navigate through pre-loaded apps to listen to music, share photos, video chat, or play games.  Doing activities such as this on a daily basis can have tremendous health benefits by fighting off common issues like depression, isolation, and loneliness.  Future ailments can also be detected as well.  For example, your loved one’s performance while playing games is tracked to detect a development of mental diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s.  The grandPad comes with a case and wireless charger.  It has the ability to automatically connect to Wi-Fi or a wireless data connection, and also is covered by damage and theft insurance.  Open the door to the digital world for your senior today and watch them thrive with the grandPad.







Quality Care and Comfort of Life takes the right team.

Comfort Keepers has released an industry first FAMILY CAREGIVER GUIDE that explores the unique challenges involved in being a family caregiver and care coordinator. Learn useful information and insights to help you and your senior loved one navigate the challenges of being a caregiver.

Don’t go it alone, get the guide here! 



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Comfort Keepers of Overland Park, KS has worked hard to cultivate a team of individuals that not only embody the definition of compassion but strive to provide the highest quality services they can.  They share our mission to improve the lives of seniors, making sure to tailor their care to each client’s specific needs and situations.  As a result, we’ve become a trusted provider of in home care for over 15 years.

If you would like to learn more, contact us online or call anytime at (913) 210-0631.  A Senior Advisor is available 24/7 to handle all inquiries.


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