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Call (855) 335-3155 | 709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update
709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update

Senior Care is a Family Issue

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Alexandria, Virginia.

Senior Care Is A Family Issue

Caring for aging loved ones is a family concern. There may come a point where physical, emotional, and time demands become too much for untrained carers. Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA, can help. We provide affordable, first-rate solutions in home care services for local families.

Physical and cognitive decline is a sad part of the aging process. It's why professional caregiver support becomes more valuable as the number of seniors aging in place grows.

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How In Home Care Services Work

Comfort Keepers doesn't take over from families we support them. Our loving professional caregivers provide exceptional services. We tailor all our plans so that they meet the specific needs and expectations of clients and loved ones. Seniors in Alexandria can age in the comfort of their beloved homes with dignity and independence.

Deciding on senior care is often a family issue. Here are some of the typical questions people have:

  • How to start the conversation with an aging parent or close relative?
  • How much will it cost and what are the funding options?
  • What is the safest and most practical care in our situation?
  • Can professional caregiver support provide respite care for the volunteer carer?
  • What kind of help in home care services does my loved one actually need?
  • Others

Starting The Conversation

It's never too soon to start the conversation about caregiver support. It's a sensitive topic but it's one we should all have. If the older adult is in sound mind and body they can play an active part in these discussions. If they're not able to communicate coherently then family members have to decide what's best on their behalf. Just make sure that all family members are there to lend support on the day.

Get in touch if your family needs help to prepare the initial discussion or to explore all your options. Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA, can often do for the family what they're unable to do for themselves. This is especially true in cases where there are tough decisions to make.

Please contact us to learn more about our customized solutions in home care services. You can either send us a message or call for a free consultation of our in-home care plans for seniors.

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