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Call (855) 335-3155 | 709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update
709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update

Medical Alert Systems That Extend the Reach of Caregiving

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care of Alexandria.

Home Care Assistance Products For The Elderly in Alexandria, VA

Our line of safety systems add an extra layer to our home care assistance

It's amazing how simple technology can provide our elderly clients with true peace of mind. Here at Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA we offer a range of incredible home care assistance products are designed to make our clients feel safer and to make remaining in their home more manageable.

We are proud to call our high-tech selection of medical alert systems, SafetyChoice®.

Our products are designed to help in three different areas:

  1. Medical alert systems
  2. Medication management
  3. Home-monitoring devices

Our products are not only affordable, but they work to help us achieve our goal of providing our clients and their families with the peace of mind that they are safe and secure at home.

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Our Agency Puts Our Client First

While these products can supply much-needed help at the right time, nothing can replace the hands-on care our caregivers offer. Instead, they are designed to be there as a backup when our caregivers or a family member isn't around.  We firmly believe in our form of Interactive Caregiving, it will always be at the forefront of our home care assistance.

Seniors face many risks when no one else is around, including:

  • Taking a fall
  • Missed (forgotten) essential medication
  • Accidental medication overdose
  • Sudden illness
  • Others

Our Medical Alert Systems have one mission, to be there when our home care assistance is not such as at night or between caregiver visits.  

If you are ready to learn more about our SafetyChoice® and our programs for seniors, please contact us. This is a great time to schedule your free in-home consultation with one of our agents to go over our entire range of in home care plans for seniors.  Contact Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA at (855) 335-3155

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Seniors living at home alone can face risks.

For instance, the risk of falling can be a threat to a senior’s health and quality of life. But no less critical, a dose of medication could be missed, or overdosed. Additionally, for those with dementia, wandering off or engaging in a dangerous activity can put them in harm’s way. 

Consequently, many families face this dilemma: balancing respect for a loved one’s independence with a desire to provide them with home care. No one wants to be overbearing, but all families worry about the time between visits when their loved one is alone. 

Comfort Keepers offers more than in-home care, we also help seniors and their families overcome these challenges with our full line of in-home safety devices.

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Medical Monitoring Systems

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