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Our At Home Care Plans Help Support Senior Nutrition in Alexandria, VA

We make nutritious meals that are always eagerly anticipated

As we age, many of us find simple tasks like planning and cooking meals become more challenging.

There is no reason to let your loved one's health fail.

As seniors begin to find things like making nutritious meals difficult, they tend to start cutting corners. Often, it's because they don't want to trouble anyone, or they have no one to turn to. When this starts to happen, meals become frozen dinners and instant foods.  

Leave it to our caregivers at Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA to work with you to develop an at home care plan that includes nutritious meal preparation.

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What Makes Senior Nutrition So Important?

As your loved one ages, their body and mind will go through a variety of changes. Both become less sensitive and start to slow down. When you add in the many medications they may be on, they might:

  • Start to see a decrease in appetite
  • Notice changes in their sense of taste
  • Find their body becomes slower at producing natural nutrients
  • Find their body becomes slower at absorbing outside nutrients

When seniors go without a healthy meal plan, the nutritional sacrifices they make leave them more susceptible to issues with things like broken bones, diseases, illnesses, and mobility. As an added problem, any injuries or illnesses they suffer will take longer to heal.

If you want to see your loved stay healthy and be able to keep doing what they love, they need to eat right.    

How Can Comfort Keepers Help Your Loved One's Health and Nutrition?

Think of our caregivers as senior nutrition superheroes. With a little help from our at home care plan, your loved one will receive as little or as much help as they need when it's time to cook a nutritious meal in several areas:

Planning Meals – We make creating a shopping list fun! It's a great time for them to share recipes together. Our caregiver makes sure they stay on track eating well-balanced meals (and doctor ordered meals).

Shopping for Groceries – Many seniors are no longer able to drive or push a heavy cart around the store. Our caregivers offer safe transportation to the grocery store and can either stay with them while they shop or do the shopping for them. They will use your loved one's coupons and keep the bill budget-friendly.

Preparing the Meal – Some tasks involved in preparing meals such as chopping, peeling, and handling heavy pots can be too much for seniors. As part of at home care, our caregivers will help prepare nutritious meals or make them completely to meet your loved one's tastes. They can even make meals ahead of time that can be re-heated for the times they are gone.  While it might not seem so at first, cutting, chopping, and peeling are a fantastic exercise for your loved one's hands and mind. It's also an excellent exercise that can prevent or reduce arthritis and dementia.

Help with Feeding – There are several issues that can make it hard or impossible for a senior to feed themselves. These include aging itself, illnesses, injuries, and diseases. Our caregivers are ready to help your loved one with respect for their dignity. They can prepare meals, so they are easier to eat and if necessary, help them to eat.     

Creating an Amazing Nutritional Meal Plan for Your Loved One

With so many seniors living on a fixed income, it can easily seem more appealing to save money by purchasing less nutritional food or cutting down on how much they eat. The problem with this is that eating less healthy foods often leads to spending more on supplements, doctors, and prescriptions.

For those seniors who are living on a tight budget, there are several local and federal assistance programs available to help with senior nutrition. These resources typically offer a lot of help.

Keep in mind some meal delivery services offer both heated and ready to cook meals (these are perfect for seniors who have issues with mobility and feeding).

Among these agencies are:

Find out what other benefits your senior qualifies for.

Other ways to save money include:

  • Keeping foods stored in the fridge or freezer to extend their lives
  • Watching for sales and coupons
  • Buying foods that are in season
  • Comparing food labels, just because an item costs more doesn't make it better!
  • Planting a garden of fruits and vegetables
  • Looking for deals at the supermarket and comparing them to those at the farmer's market
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it
  • Choosing fresh food options first

While seniors typically require a lower daily calorie intake, it is easy for them to develop nutritional deficiencies. It is vital that most of the foods they eat contribute to a well-balanced diet as part of their at home care plan.  

A sell planned plate for your senior should include:

  • Whole Grain
  • Protein/Fish
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Low Fat Dairy

Your loved one's doctor can teach you what should be on their plate. Be sure you read the labels, not all products labeled as being a super fruit or veggie, as 100% XYZ, or organic are as healthy as they claim to be.

Image provided by the National Council On Aging

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Your Loved One Can Still Have Their Favorite Foods

Just because your loved one needs to watch what they eat doesn't mean they have to give up their favorite foods. In fact, mixing them into their diet can make things a little easier for picky eaters.

Look into finding ways to make the foods they love in a healthy way. This could mean cooking them in a healthier way, reducing the amount of salt/sugar/fats used or adding a couple of healthy ingredients into the dish.

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Finding ways to manage senior nutrition needn't be stressful, and it can be delicious! To learn more about creating balanced nutritional meals for your senior, contact us online or call Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA at (855) 335-3155. Let us schedule a free care consultation today!

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