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Call (855) 335-3155 | 709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update
709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update

Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

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Home Care Providers in Alexandria, VA

The home care providers from Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA offer their clients a range of transportation services.

Older adults love to be able to remain active and be able to get out and about for as long as possible. Having to give up their car keys creates an incredible sense of loss in most when they no longer have the ability to go where they want and when they want to go. Here at Comfort Keepers, our home care providers can provide their clients in Alexandria, VA with a full range of transportation services, helping to restore their sense of independence.

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Our Providers Drive

At Comfort Keepers, we've prepared to offer a full range of transportation services for our local seniors. We provide these services by themselves or as part of our complete custom plan for seniors. Let us become the wheels you've had to give up and return your independence. There are plenty of great reasons to let one of our qualified home care providers handle the driving for you, but first a look at the other options available to seniors living in Alexandria, VA.

Transportation Options Available for Seniors in Alexandria

When driving is no longer an option, seniors must find other ways to get around, including:

  • Family – The problem is that family members are not always available.
  • Friends - Friends have the same issue in not always being available.
  • Local Buses – Buses can be hard for seniors to get on and off.
  • Taxies – Taxies can take you door-to-door, but costs add up quickly.
  • Trains – Typically not close to home, making getting to the station challenging.

Super Rides for Seniors by Comfort Keepers

Here at Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA our caregivers provide far more than simple point-to-point transportation. We are a full-service senior care provider with caregivers who have the time to work with their clients at their own pace. They can arrive early to help you get ready to go, ensure you are comfortable and buckled in, and stay with you at your destination should you request it. Then when you are all done, they will take you home and help you get settled in.

For more information on our home care providers, our senior care plans, and our transportation services, contact Comfort Keepers of Alexandria, VA online anytime or give us a call at (855) 335-3155. We can schedule your no-cost no-obligation consultation with one of our advisors to go over your needs and show you the many care services we offer.  

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