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Call (855) 335-3155 | 709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update
709 Pendleton Street, Suite #102, Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Coronavirus update

Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

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In Home Care Services in Alexandria, VA

Comfort Keepers® offers a variety of customized in home care services to meet the unique needs of each senior

Our clients each have different circumstances and conditions, and therefore, different individual needs. Each Comfort Keepers® office provides a suite of in-home personal care and companionship services to meet such demands and offer firm support for those seniors living independently in their own residences. Our in home care services are available to clients within and near the Alexandria, VA region, so do not hesitate to call upon us if you or a senior relative of yours is in need of personalized in-home care.

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Personal Care Services

Bathing, Grooming, and Hygiene

One cannot overlook the importance of basic hygiene, and Comfort Keepers® is determined to keep its clients properly groomed. We provide comfort, relaxation, and cleanliness to our clients; after all, good hygiene is the foundation of a long and healthy life.

Mobility Assistance

Although seniors typically adopt a slower and sedentary lifestyle due to their precarious conditions, that does not mean they should never be active. As part of our in home care services, our mobility assistance service allows our clients to enjoy short walks that can exercise their bodies, lower their blood pressures, improve their digestion, boost their stamina, and strengthen their hearts, among various other benefits.

Transferring and Positioning

Our staff is fully trained to carefully move and reposition clients while maintaining the seniors’ correct postures. A good posture when lying down or sitting can improve the comfort of the individual, reduce the effects of muscle atrophy, encourage proper breathing and digestion of food.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

Seniors who choose our assisted living services can count on our dedicated staff to assist with incontinence and toileting. While it can be embarrassing for some to be assisted while they are relieving themselves, our well-trained staff is accommodating and sympathetic enough to help clients complete these functions while minimizing embarrassment and discomfort.

Feeding and Special Diet

Clients who have difficulty feeding themselves due to their fragile conditions can rely on Comfort Keepers® to provide assistance as needed. Not only will our staff help our clients with feeding themselves, they will also assist in helping seniors adhere to a healthy diet that steers clear of unhealthy or dangerous foods.

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In-Home Companionship

Conversation and Companionship

Clients, especially those maintaining an empty nest, will need companions to talk to and engage with. Indeed, socialization can keep individuals happy and substantially improve their quality of life. Comfort Keepers® is more than willing to provide friendly, thoughtful people for its clients to interact with.  We consider it essential to all our in home care services.

Meal Preparation

Seniors might not have the time or energy to purchase ingredients on their own, or even prepare their own food. Fortunately, Comfort Keepers® can do all the shopping for their clients, and even cook up nutritious and delicious meals. As part of our Interactive Caregiving program, clients are encouraged to participate in the food preparation as long as they are able.


Those seniors unable to manage their laundry will have nothing to worry about with Comfort Keepers® in charge. Our helpful staff will wash, dry, fold, iron, and store clothing as necessary. We handle laundry according to the preferences of our clients, so they can confidently leave their laundry duties in our capable hands.

Light Housekeeping

With our Comfort Keepers, clients no longer have to worry about doing menial housekeeping chores. Our staff can handle vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, and cleaning spaces such as the bathroom and kitchen. Although we offer housekeeping services as a complement to our standard care services, our in home care services include outdoor cleaning or maintenance.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

We can shop in lieu of our clients, who might not have the capacity or time to venture out for their own groceries. We can also run errands for clients, such as picking up prescriptions or visiting the post office. Upon arrangement, clients may also choose to join and help our staff in their errands, especially if they want to stay active. Our staff will use any coupons provided to them.

Incidental Transportation

Those seniors who wish to participate with their own errands or shopping can depend on our staff to provide them with convenient incidental transportation, as well as mobility assistance. This allows our clients to enjoy their usual habits (such as visiting the local barbershop or salon) while getting some much need fresh air and exercise.

Medication Reminders

While our in home care services staff is not authorized to administer medications to our clients, they can be relied upon to make helpful reminders for seniors to take their prescribed medicine on schedule. What our staff can do is help clients retrieve and open medication containers, count pills, and read the labels on the containers.

24-Hour Care

Our services for convenient assisted living are flexible, allowing clients to receive help and support as needed. We can provide care for a few hours a week or offer 24-hour senior care, depending on our clients' needs. Clients who choose the 24-hour senior care option will be glad to know that Comfort Keepers® manages a team of caregiving experts who take turns serving shifts to ensure round-the-clock assistance.

Live-In Care

When our clients require more extended or thorough assistance, we are able to provide live-in Comfort Keepers care to ensure that clients are well-taken care of at all times.  Live-in caregivers reside at the home of our clients, and participate in all activities as requested by the client.  If you are interested in live-in care, please contact our offices to arrange a visit.

Comfort Keepers provides clients comprehensive in home care services. For inquiries, visit our contact us page and submit the provided web form, or call our office at (855) 335-3155 today!

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