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1200 Haywood Rd, Greenville, South Carolina 29615 Coronavirus update

Paying For Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Greenville, South Carolina.

Paying For In Home Care in Greenville and Taylors, SC

How to pay for in home care in Greenville, Taylors, and the surrounding areas of South Carolina

When your loved one is no longer able to care for themselves entirely on their own anymore, nursing homes or assisted living facilities aren’t your only options. With in home care assistance from our in home care agency in Greenville, SC, your loved one can keep their independence and spend retirement surrounded by things and people they know and love.

An in home care agency offers individualized services that are tailored to your parent’s care needs and finances. Our dedicated and highly trained caregivers can provide your parent assistance with activities such as daily chores, meal preparation, grocery shopping and running errands. With a wide range of home care services your loved one will have the control and the ability to lead a meaningful and independent life well into old age. You might be wondering how you will pay for home care. We offer several solutions.

You should know that Medicare is not a solution for everyone. It covers a narrow range of costs, unlike Medicaid which can cover some expenses that Medicare doesn't. If your parent qualifies for it, it can pay for nursing home care and some in-home care services.

Another way of financing home care for seniors is long-term care insurance. However, coverage can be quite expensive, and with age, premiums increase. If your parent has a significant income, then this option can be the right choice for them.

Whatever decision is made, seniors and their families should consult a financial planner first. When seniors are getting long-term care insurance, they should be aware of what they are buying. Some policies only cover specific types of in home care, while others cover a wide range of care services.

Do you know whether your loved one qualifies for Veterans Administration Aid or not? It can cover some of the costs of home care.

If your loved one cannot afford long-term care insurance and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, paying out of pocket is another available option. The cost of home care varies, and it depends mostly on the amount of care your loved one requires.

Comfort Keepers understands that the cost of an in home care agency can be overwhelming. However, keep in mind that at home care can potentially be a more affordable solution than a nursing home.

If you have any questions about the financing options available to your loved one in Greenville, Simpsonville, Taylors, Greer, or the surrounding areas of South Carolina, please contact us online or call us today.  We are happy to assist you and your family through this process!