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2601 Northwest Expy #107W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 Coronavirus update

Fall Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Elder Care Methods to Prevent Seniors from Falling

How to keep your senior healthy at home.

Most elderly adults want to maintain a sense of independence as they age. An essential element in this idea of independence for many seniors is often their ability to live in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Unfortunately, when seniors live alone, they may need more assistance as the years pass by, especially when one has to worry about falls and spills. That's where senior care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma can help.

Falls and spills are one of the leading causes of injuries in seniors, which is why preventing them is important to the health and safety of our clients. Eldercare assistants understand the most common reasons the elderly fall:

  1. Medical conditions. As the body grows older, many health issues come with symptoms that can make a senior disoriented.
  2. Medications. Sometimes the combination of medicines, or the side effects, can cause a senior to become dizzy.
  3. Physical activity. Surprisingly the lack of physical activity is more likely to cause falls because of deteriorating muscles and bones.
  4. Physical space. The home may be surrounded by hazards, or not properly lighted, and make it more difficult to navigate.

Besides being there in case of a fall, elder care assistance can help to prevent these falls. Comfort Keepers® believe in Interactive Caregiving™, and our caregivers help with daily activities like medication management, meal preparation, and physical exercise. Since diet and exercise are so important, elder care services are a great option to make sure that your senior loved one can do safe activities within their physical range. Medication management also helps keep the senior on schedule, while recognizing symptoms of interactions before they become a problem.

Besides having someone in the home to look out for your senior, elder care can service can help your loved one in making their home a safer place by removing some of the hazards. Some of these methods include:

  • Move furniture for easier pathways
  • Organize kitchen for easier reach
  • Ensure lighting in dark areas

Please contact Comfort Keepers serving areas of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for more information on how their in-home care services can keep your senior happy and healthy!

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