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Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Alzheimer’s health aides are trained to help your family work through the rough times

The onset of Alzheimer’s disease inevitably leads to changes in behavior that can be difficult for caregivers to understand or even hurtful to family members. And while patience and some helpful tips can make it much easier for family members and caregivers to deal with the difficult moments of Alzheimer’s disease, there are also many times when the help of a trained Alzheimer’s health aide can make a huge difference.

Pardon the pun, but a trained Alzheimer’s health aide can be a big aid to a family dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

At Comfort Keepers® of Oklahoma City, dementia care is just one service among a wide range of services that we provide to communities in central Oklahoma. Why is it important to have a trained Alzheimer’s health aide working with your loved one who has Alzheimer’s disease? Because not only do our Comfort Keepers have experience working with patients who are suffering from dementia, but they also have the key ingredient of a patient and compassionate outlook. Otherwise, they would not make it through our selection process to become Comfort Keepers.

Beyond experience and the right attitude, however, they have learned the techniques that are most effective with dementia patients. Sometimes we react to an Alzheimer’s patient in ways that would be perfectly normal with other people but are counterproductive with someone affected by this disease. For example, if your loved one with Alzheimer’s ate lunch with you an hour ago and now thinks he never had lunch and it is time to eat, trying to convince him he is mistaken or arguing the issue is not only pointless, it may lead to greater frustration or withdrawal on his part and make the situation worse. There are other ways to deal with these situations and the presence of a trained Alzheimer’s health aide, whether on a daily basis or occasionally as respite care, can help both caregiver and patient.

Comfort Keepers always provides every client with personalized services and that’s especially true with Alzheimer’s patients. So you can get as much help or as little help as you need, depending on your family’s situation, and we can change our services as your needs change. Contact us for more information about the specialized dementia care services Comfort Keepers of Oklahoma City provides right in your own home.

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