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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Call (405) 200-1156 | 2601 Northwest Expy #107W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 Coronavirus update
2601 Northwest Expy #107W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 Coronavirus update

Specialized Care

We create individualized plans of care for seniors based on their needs and personality.

Assisted Living OKC & the Road to In-Home Recovery in Oklahoma City

With the help of our Comfort Keepers®, your loved one’s transition home can be easier and more comfortable with assisted living in OKC.

After your loved one is released from the hospital or a rehabilitation facility, the transition back home can be crucial to recovery and overall health. It is essential that your loved one receives proper care and continue the doctor’s orders. Assisted living OKC includes positioning, support, and care post-hospitalization to ensure proper recovery and reduce the chance of re-admission to the hospital.

Caring for your loved one at home can be challenging for family caregivers. With the help of our trained and professional Comfort Keepers and our transitional care services and assisted living OKC, you can rest assured that your loved one receives quality care from the comfort of home.

More about Transitioning Care

Our Comfort Keepers can help in the home by providing a number of transitioning care services including assistance with household duties, transportation to follow-up appointments with care providers, support for family caregivers, and continued assistance to uphold the recovery care plan put in place by your loved one’s medical provider.

Assistance from Comfort Keepers®

In addition to the specialized care services listed above, Comfort Keepers can also assist clients who have specific medical needs that require additional services including:

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Pneumonia

Comfort Keepers can help assist you through the transition process and design a care plan specifically to meet your family’s needs. Whether you need occasional in-home transitioning care services or full-time, 24-hour care, Comfort Keepers can help your loved one recover.

 Call (405) 200-1156 today to learn more about assisted living in Oklahoma City, OK or schedule your free in-home consultation. 

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