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Call (405) 200-1156 | 2601 Northwest Expy #107W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 Coronavirus update
2601 Northwest Expy #107W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112 Coronavirus update

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How To Start The Conversation About In Home Care In Duncan, OK

Comfort Keepers offers pointers on how to bring up the conversation regarding in home care to senior loved ones in Duncan and the surrounding area.

When starting the conversation about senior care with a senior loved one, it is best to be prepared and understand exactly how to approach it in the most positive manner.  Ideally, consult with a caregiver from Comfort Keepers who is able to provide an in home consultation in order to discuss the benefits that they offer.  When sitting down with a senior loved one to discuss the positive aspects of in home care, avoid pushing too hard and consider having multiple conversations in order to allow the concept of senior care to sink in.  In most cases, having the entire family around when discussing senior care with a senior is the best option.  

When discussing in home care with a senior loved one, focus on the advantages, like companionship, transportation around the area, and assistance with basic living responsibilities.  In many cases, seniors become lonely and having a caregiver who they can connect with is a great way to reduce isolation.  Having a senior meet with a team of caregivers may increase their open mindedness regarding senior care.  Since our team of caregivers are able to bring seniors out into the community, focus on this concept when discussing senior care with them.  Caregivers are able to bring clients to the store, to the parks in the area, and can even bring them to the Duncan Senior Citizens Center so they can spend time with others in Duncan, OK.

When discussing home care with a senior, also discuss other senior care options, like the nursing home or assisted living facilities.  Often times, seniors will eventually choose in home care by default, as they don't want to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility.  The advantages to staying in their own home are obvious, as seniors are able to enjoy a familiar environment and encourage family members to visit anytime they want.

When having a conversation about home care with a senior, have the entire family around in order to quell any fears.  If all family members agree that senior care is best, the chances that your beloved senior will agree is significantly higher.  If a senior is on the fence regarding senior care, encourage them to try it temporarily and see if they like it.  When working with our team of caregivers from Comfort Keepers, your senior loved one will likely notice the advantages immediately and decide that having a caregiver around is beneficial.

Realize that a conversation about senior care with a senior loved one is likely to be difficult and will often require more than one conversation in order to convince them of its benefits.  However, by focusing on the positive aspects of senior care, senior loved ones will likely eventually agree to it, especially because they are able to continue living at home indefinitely.

If you would like to learn more about the in home care provided by Comfort Keepers in Duncan, OK, please contact us at (405) 200-1156.