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Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

In-Home Care Services In Centerville, Dayton and Surrounding Areas

Comfort Keepers® provides a variety of customized in-home care services to meet the unique needs of each senior.

Every Comfort Keepers® location provides a variety of customizable, personal in-home care services to provide elderly individuals with the proper balance of support for independent, healthy living in their own home. Everyone has unique needs and situations, let Comfort Keepers be your complete solution provider for senior care services.

Personal In-Home Care Services

Bathing, Grooming, and Hygiene

Comfort Keepers® caregivers have been trained to help your senior loved one handle any embarrassing or discomforting needs they may have. Our caregivers will help your loved one feel confident about their looks and appearance through bathing and grooming assistance. Bathing is not only about getting clean but provides a sense of relaxation--refreshing the spirit and stimulating their circulation. 

Mobility Assistance

Mobility assistance from Comfort Keepers helps out senior clients stay as active as their lifestyle, age, abilities, and overall health can allow. Physical activity and health aren't relegated to the youth, there are a number of benefits that seniors can get by increasing their daily movement. Those benefits include improving digestion, increasing appetite, improving sleep, increasing energy, lowering blood pressure, and improved stamina--perfect for spending time with grandchildren. A Comfort Keepers caregiver can also provide simpler aide to your loved one by accompanying them on short walks or just reminding them to complete their workout for the day.

Transferring and Positioning

Comfort Keepers are experienced in proper transferring and positioning for elderly and senior loved ones. Whether in a chair or bed, re-positioning is crucial for eliminating pressure areas on the skin, reducing weakening and stiffening muscles while encouraging proper breathing, digestion, and elimination. Let our caregivers promote health and safety when it comes to your loved one's in-home care services.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

The caregivers with Comfort Keepers take a caring approach when it comes to the dignity of seniors and adult clients living with more embarrassing needs. Let our caregivers lessen the feeling of humiliation of seniors suffering from incontinence or in need of toileting assistance by treating them with the highest level of respect and love. They can also make simple suggestions on techniques or products that help seniors with their daily bathroom needs. 

Feeding and Special Diet

Our Comfort Keepers understand that sometimes a loved one can struggle to feed themselves. It can be frustrating and is often a hard reality to accept for seniors struggling to enjoy meals independently. Our caregivers know this and are sensitive to matters pertaining to the loss of independent eating, which is why we go the extra mile to turn mealtime into something social and fun. Comfort Keepers caregivers also ensure prescribed diets are maintained for clients afflicted with medical conditions like hearth disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol. 

In-Home Companionship

Conversation and Companionship

Our Comfort Keepers provide clients companion care, for instance through conversation or when they sit down to share a meal. Social contact such as this is proven to enhance seniors’ health, happiness, and quality of life.

Meal Preparation

Comfort Keepers can assist seniors that have lost the ability to go grocery shopping or even prepare a nutritious meal. Let our caregivers prepare hot meals to your loved one's preference to get them the nutrition they need. Should your loved one need only minimal assistance in the kitchen, they are welcome to help as they're able.


A Comfort Keepers caregiver can manage the laundry of your loved one whether at their own home, or at a laundromat. Let us wash, dry, fold, iron, steam, and put away any clothing or fabrics they want washed. As with any of our services, we tailor our work to the preferences of our clients, meaning your loved one's laundry will be done to their liking.

Light Housekeeping

Comfort Keepers housekeeping services can cover most of the needs of senior loved ones. Lighter tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, dusting, and bathroom cleaning are well-within the realm of our caregivers capabilities. Seniors are also welcome to join a Comfort Keeper in the housework as much as they can. Be advised, however, that our caregivers complete indoor chores only.

Grocery Shopping/Errands

Comfort Keepers can grocery shop at the stores their clients prefer and run errands such going to the post office, dropping off a gift to a friend, or picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. And as a way to stay active, clients can choose to ride along and help with the shopping. And of course, our Comfort Keepers will use any coupons provided by our clients.

Incidental Transportation

Our Comfort Keepers can provide incidental transportation for clients, allowing them the freedom to go shopping and attend other activities or get to medical appointments, the barbershop or beauty salon, and other places the senior chooses.  Getting a senior out and about is good for the senior’s mind, body, and spirit.

Medication Reminders

Let Comfort Keepers help your senior loved one stay on top of their daily medications as well as ensure those medications are taken as prescribed. Our caregivers have no problem opening bottles, reading directions for use, and calling a client's pharmacist for additional questions.

Respite Care

 Need a break from your caregiving duties? Respite care services from Comfort Keepers provides you with a short-term break of full-time caregiving to let you recharge, refresh, and relax so that you can handle personal matters when you need to. Let a Comfort Keeper give you some relief so that you can come back ready for your loved one.

24-Hour Care

Depending on the client’s needs, Comfort Keepers can provide care for just a few hours a week or provide full-time, in-home care.  Through our 24-hour senior in-home care services, a team of Comfort Keepers coordinates caregiving responsibilities in shifts.  This offers clients and their families’ full-time peace of mind.