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8000 Corporate Center Dr STE 111, Charlotte, North Carolina 28226 Coronavirus update

Starting the Conversation

Starting the Conversation: Comfort Keepers In Home Elder Care in Charlotte, NC

Learn more about how to discuss in home elder care options with the family

Starting the conversation about in home elder care can be challenging. While this subject may be uncomfortable, it is important to begin the discussion to ensure your loved one’s future health and wellbeing. Consider the following advice to communicate in a meaningful and effective way.

Timing is Important

When you begin the conversation will have an impact on your success. The first thing to know is that it is never too early – if your family is considering in home elder care options, then it is probably time to begin. It is important to talk about these issues early, while your senior loved one has a healthy enough mind to contribute to the conversation. Seniors are much more receptive when their input is valued and they have a say in the direction of their care.

Location Matters

It is crucial to pick a quiet location where your loved one will feel comfortable. Avoid noisy public spaces which might cause embarrassment or make listening difficult. Also, ensure that your loved one does not feel rushed or that he or she is being ganged up on.

Pick a Leader

While it’s true that the whole family should be on the same page, make sure to designate a leader who will guide the conversation. This person should have all the facts and options about in home elder care ready and be available to share them with the family. It is preferable to have a short meeting together before introducing the topic to your senior loved one.

Provide Support

Remember to keep your loved one’s feelings in mind and consider his or her reaction. Invite everyone who is close to participate in the discussion, so your senior family member will know they are not alone.

Gather Information

Before bringing up the topic of in home elder care, make sure you have done your research. Comfort Keepers in Charlotte, NC has many resources to help you understand home care options and what your loved one can expect. We are available any time to address your questions and concerns. Call or contact us today to learn more!