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How Seniors Can Boost Their Mental Health in the Winter

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An extended period of cold, dreary weather is enough to give anyone a case of the blues. However, many people are unaware that winter weather poses additional risks for seniors and causes many of them to remain indoors. As a result, this can lead to reduced physical activity, less interest in activities, social withdrawal, unhealthy eating, and seasonal depression. Thankfully, you can take steps to avoid these effects and boost seniors’ mental health in the winter.

Mind Games

While it’s important to maintain the body and keep it engaged in the winter, it’s equally important to do the same with your brain. As your loved one ages, their brain needs a healthy amount of activity to keep it stimulated and avoid cognitive decline. A few brain-boosting activities your loved one can do include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Scrabble, or reading a book in the sun. These activities can help your loved one stay alert, lift their mood, and improve their mental health this winter.

Spend Time in the Sunlight

Doctors recommend getting at least 10 - 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight each day. But when the clock falls back and winter weather rolls in, it can be difficult, no matter what age you are. However, it is vital to get your senior loved one outside, even if only for a short time despite the difficulties. This could mean getting bundled up and taking a light stroll, going birdwatching in the backyard, or simply opening the shades and letting in some natural light.

If going outside is not an option, consider getting a light therapy lamp. While light therapy lamps can provide important sunlight exposure, it’s best to speak to your loved one’s physician before using one, especially if they have glaucoma, cataracts, or other vision problems.

Stay Engaged

Seniors who experience seasonal depression may not want to get out of the house or participate in activities. However, it’s important for your senior loved one to get regular social interaction and cognitive stimulation, especially during the winter. A few ways to help with this include inviting them to dinner, taking them to get coffee, or going for a walk together. Anything that gets your loved one up and out of the house can make a huge difference.

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