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Careers in Caregiving: 8 Qualities of a Great Caregiver

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Careers in Caregiving: 8 Qualities of a Great Caregiver

Check out these 8 qualities we look for when hiring caregivers and the traits we believe are essential to provide the highest level of care in the Twin Cities

Many people, at some point in their life, will be faced with the responsibility of finding an in-home care provider for themselves or an aging loved one in the Twin Cities. Identifying the right in-home care agency that focuses on employing compassionate caregivers throughout the Twin Cities can be a rigorous process, and an essential exercise for a rewarding partnership.. 

Caregiving is not a career that just anyone can do. It takes a special kind of person who can care for others and do it with unconditional enthusiasm, empathy, and dedication. All characteristics we look for in a Comfort Keeper.  

If you or a loved one need a little or a lot of extra help in the home, you are an experienced caregiver, or you are considering a career as an in-home caregiver for the first time, this article shares 8 qualities we think great caregivers possess in order to provide the highest level of care and be set up for success. 

8 Qualities of a Great In-Home Caregiver

Caregivers are empathetic 

Being empathetic is to understand another person's feelings, points of view, and actions, which is an invaluable quality of a caregiver. Some seniors may be reluctant to have a caregiver in their home or they may be dealing with the loss of independence or health, and empathy goes a long way in helping seniors adjust to receiving in-home support.  

Caregivers are passionate

Caregivers must be passionate about helping others remain independent at home if they want to be successful. Simply going through the motions or ticking off household tasks is an unacceptable attitude to carry with you. Being passionate can help a caregiver build a strong relationship with their client, learn new skills, and advance in their career. 

Caregivers are respectful

Respect goes a long way, especially when working within a client's home. Being respectful builds trust and can help a caregiver create and maintain a positive relationship with a client and their family. Respecting an individual’s home, privacy, personal space, and ways of doing things are essential for any caregiver to help create a foundation of trust. 

Caregivers are dedicated

Becoming a successful caregiver requires a certain level of dedication and commitment that other careers may not demand. Clients rely on their caregivers to show up ready to provide a high level of care that is essential to their independence. 

Caregivers maintain a positive attitude

Positivity is contagious. A caregiver can greatly improve the overall in-home care experience for themself and their client by having a positive attitude. Even when we're having a tough day, it's important that a caregiver not bring their burdens to a client. 

Caregivers are observational

Being observant is a crucial skill for a caregiver to have. Often providing quality care requires quick thinking or decision-making skills that can impact a client directly. It is also important for caregivers to be able to identify changes in behavior and health and then be able to communicate and articulate these observations to their agency office, and in turn to family.  

Caregivers have effective communication skills

Caregivers must be able to communicate effectively with their clients, and their agency office. Listening to clients and learning to respond appropriately can help a caregiver build trust and a connection. The type of rapport a caregiver builds with a client and their families through good communication is essential. Learning how to communicate effectively should be a top priority for anyone working in the in-home care industry. 

As a home care agency we see firsthand the challenges and anxieties families experience in staying connected and in tune with the wellbeing and care of a senior loved one.  With our caregivers we work hard to keep the lines of communication open, maintain full transparency in our care, and provide an added layer of peace of mind that we think families need.

Caregivers are trustworthy

Caregivers have access to personal health information, and being trustworthy is an awesome responsibility. This may include information about the client, their home, their medical history, and more. At Comfort Keepers Twin Cities, caregivers are required to pass two background checks before being hired. 

Comfort Keepers Twin Cities Employs the Best

At Comfort Keepers Twin Cities, we understand that providing the highest quality of care to our clients starts by hiring and training compassionate and dedicated caregivers. Much of our effort is focused on hiring and retaining caregivers that possess the skill-set required to be successful in a client's home.. 

If you would like to know more about becoming a Comfort Keeper, or have questions about our in-home care services and the caregiver hiring and matching process give us a call at (651) 796-2540 today.