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Customized In-Home Care Services for Elderly & Other Adults

Let our caregivers help where it matters most with a unique care plan adapted to your needs

Specialized Home Care for the Elderly of Royal Oak, Michigan State

Personal solutions in home care for the elderly

Comfort Keepers of Royal Oak, MI, is a leading provider in quality senior care. We're proud to serve the city's elderly population so that they can age in the place they want to be. When faced with the choice, over 90 percent of the seniors here prefer to age where they are. They want the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle at home. With our help, they get to do just that.

The type of home care for the elderly, and the amount of care a client needs, differs from case to case. We also custom our care plans to match the exact needs of seniors and their families. Our experts can help to determine the right type and level of care you or a loved one requires.

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Types Of Home Care For The Elderly

Here's a quick breakdown on the four main types of home care:

  1. In-home care: includes general and intimate (personal) care solutions
  2. Respite care: this gives a much needed break for family (volunteer) caregivers
  3. Palliative care and end of life care
  4. Dementia and Alzheimer’s home care for the elderly

Assistance With Physical Transferring And Positioning

For the uninitiated, assisting with the physical transfer of a loved one is no easy feat. It can be awkward at best and dangerous at worst. The Comfort Keepers of Royal Oak receive specific training to do the job properly. There's a skill to it that requires both verbal and physical cueing, as well as physical help to move the client. Sometimes this will involve special tools. It's not only a case of safely moving the senior from A to B either. There's the correct positioning to consider too.

Proper Positioning

To correctly position and reposition folks with limited mobility are challenges for the inexperienced. This is particularly the case with larger people. This kind of home care for the elderly requires a special kind of caregiver, and one that has the physical strength too. Safe handling and transfer is important for the caregiver as well as the care recipient. This is why our Comfort Keepers go through essential training for the purpose. Safely moving a person from their bed to a chair or chair to a bed is only part of it. Placing someone in the correct posture positions is also crucial for their comfort and wellbeing.

Mobility Assistance (General)

Comfort Keepers of Royal Oak in Michigan are qualified to work in areas of senior mobility assistance. Our unique mobility programs work at keeping clients as active as possible. How we approach this depends on the person's age, health, and current abilities. The benefits of promoting senior mobility are many. Our unique Interactive Caregiving™ programs can help to lower a client's high blood pressure, facilitate better digestion, and improve sleep quality. Over time, clients also benefit from a boost in their energy levels and stamina.

Comfort Keepers home care for the elderly is not simply about running around after care recipients. It's also about helping our clients to help themselves. It's an approach that enhances their situation, and helps to create a more independent lifestyle. With our assistance, seniors under our care begin to look, feel, and function better than before we became part of their lives.

For more on how we can help you or someone you know, please contact us. We offer a free consultation in-home care solutions for all callers.

You can reach us at Comfort Keepers of Royal Oak MI, (248) 236-5627.

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