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Legal Considerations

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Wichita, Kansas.

Legal Considerations For Elder Home Care Services In Wichita, KS

Comfort Keepers helps you be prepared for elder home care services for your loved one.

Before you choose the right elder home care services for your loved one, it is important to go over some legal considerations, just to make sure that your parent's wishes for future care and similar matters will be respected at all times.

While no one likes to think about medical emergencies and other unpleasant situations that can occur unexpectedly, by preparing legal documents well in advance, your loved one can have peace of mind that they will receive the care they want should they be prevented from stating their wishes.

Experts from our elder home care services team recommend that your loved one prepares the following documents:

- Living will - It can include all sorts of important information, allowing your loved one to decide on the type of care they wish to get in case of a medical crisis and also manage their finances as they see fit. Your parent should keep in mind that they can revoke their living will at any time.

- Power of attorney - This is a health care proxy, a person of your parent's choosing who will make sure the wishes from their will are carried out in accordance with their instructions. A power of attorney can also make decisions instead of your loved one if they do not have a living will or medical directive.

- Living trust - This document can allow your loved one to state their wishes regarding their finances, healthcare, and other matters.

- HIPAA release - This document authorizes medical personnel to share necessary information with family members in case your loved one cannot make decisions on their own.

- Durable power of attorney - It is similar to a power of attorney, but with this document, you can manage your loved one's finances while they are unable to do so themselves.

Our experts from elder home care services also recommend that your loved one gathers all their important documents in one safe place and provides copies to someone they trust, whether it is their attorney or family member. The documents they should collect include their birth certificate, social security records, life insurance information, Medicare documents, bank statements, and more.

As everyone's situation is different, your parent may also want to consider consulting with their legal team before making any legal decisions. If you have any additional questions for us, give us a call or fill out our contact form today, and our experts from elder home care services will do all they can to assist you! We are happy to be of service!