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Call (813) 467-9001 | 17901 Hunting Bow Cir #101, Lutz, Florida 33558 Coronavirus update
17901 Hunting Bow Cir #101, Lutz, Florida 33558 Coronavirus update

Uplifting In-Home Care Services for Seniors & Other Adults

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Reliable Senior Transportation from Comfort Keepers Home Care Aide Team in Lutz and All of Pasco County, FL

Learn more about how our home care aide team can help provide reliable transportation to keep your loved one active in Lutz, FL

Seniors need to be mobile. When a senior is stuck in the house or can’t run errands, go to family events, or make doctor’s appointments, it’s a quick way to become depressed and lonely. Comfort Keepers provides senior transportation services for all seniors that can’t get around town on their own. Our home care aide team provides transportation for seniors for the following:

  • Doctor's appointments
  • Person care appointments
  • Transportation to events or parties
  • Running errands or grocery shopping
  • Going to museums or parks
  • Social event transportation

Our home care aide team understands the personal care needs that seniors require. Every client is different, and our caregivers will consider the person’s health issues and level of mobility when providing senior transportation.

We make sure that transportation is never a hassle. Seniors are also assisted door-to-door as needed so that they’re comfortable and confident when they go to a social event or a family party.

Partnership with Lyft

Comfort Keepers has partnered with Lyft to provide senior transportation. Our partnership allows seniors to have access to one of the largest rideshare services in the country. If a senior needs to go to the doctor’s office or a family friend is in the hospital, our Lyft partnership can help. We make senior transportation as convenient as possible for our clients.

Safety During Transportation

A senior that is stuck in the home and socially isolated will slowly start to become depressed and may have their mental health impacted. Seniors that stay in their home for long periods of time may also develop anxiety and fear leaving their “comfort zone.”

Comfort Keepers helps seniors stay connected with their friends, family, and community. Caregivers make sure that when a senior has an appointment or social event they want to attend, transportation is provided.

We provide seniors access to transportation so that they can remain involved in the activities that they love most. Contact our home care aide team today to learn more about our senior transportation services.