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How Will I Know if Companion Care Is the Right Level of Care for Me?

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

With time, many seniors will begin to need assistance in order to live on their own. There will be tasks that they can no longer complete, and as they age, they may find it hard to stay socially and physically active. If left on their own or forced to move into an assisted living center, their mental and physical health may decline.

Living independently is crucial for seniors, and ensuring that they can keep their independence can improve their quality of life. However, you shouldn’t have to worry every day about whether they’re getting the help they need or if they’re struggling. This is where companion care comes into the picture.

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What is Companion Care?

Companion care is often discussed for seniors who want to continue living independently. While family members may not be able to provide constant assistance and companionship, caregivers can be sent in their place.

Companion care provides seniors with vital social interaction and ensures that they have someone around to help them when they need it. Instead of sending your loved one to a nursing home, hiring a companion caregiver to help them can be a great solution. With companion care, seniors are less likely to experience depression or struggle to complete daily tasks like driving to the grocery store or cleaning the home.

Is Companion Care Right for Me?

Many seniors are able to live on their own for a while before they need the care and attention that a nursing home will provide. However, there may come a time when they start to need a bit more help. While they are still largely independent, there are a few tasks that are too difficult or things they just aren’t able to do anymore as they age.

Before you resort to a nursing home, consider companion care. Often, you can get away with hiring a companion to help your loved one for several years before they need to go to a nursing home. This will help improve their mental health and help them keep their independence.

Here are a few signs that companion care may be right for you:

1. Loss of License

As we age, our eyesight starts to worsen, and eventually, we are no longer able to drive. For many seniors, this happens well before they need help with other daily tasks. Without a license, there’s no easy way for them to complete their grocery shopping or make appointments.

If your loved one is still highly independent but no longer can drive, companion care is a great solution. They can still live in their home and don’t yet require a lot of extra assistance, but they’ll have someone around to drive them to appointments or the store whenever they need.

2. Loneliness

If your loved one seems lonely and struggles to stay socially active, providing them with a companion will greatly improve their mood. Having someone around will help dispel any feelings of loneliness or depression that may start to set in if your loved one is living alone. If you or your family don’t live nearby, companion care will provide them with someone they can turn to.

3. Cost

Unlike nursing homes, companion care is often much more affordable. If your loved one needs assistance in daily tasks but can’t afford a nursing home, companion care is a great solution. Your loved one will receive the help they need without having to pay as much.

4. Injury or Sickness

If your loved one has been injured or is suffering from an illness such as the flu, hiring companion care while they recover can provide peace of mind. Your loved one won’t have to worry about the daily tasks or chores piling up as a caregiver will be around to do it for them. This allows them plenty of time to recover.


Companion care is an affordable alternative to nursing homes that allow your loved one to remain independent for as long as possible. Companion caregivers help seniors continue living at home and can form valuable friendships with the seniors they work with.